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Vicky Mandal will be there on the big screen really soon

Many people out there do this task of entertaining people with their content but only a few like Vicky Mandal give a strong message through their videos which can be considered as his USP. Born in 1999 in Vidyasagar, Jharkhand, India. Vicky Mandal father’s name is Mr.Subhash Mandal and mother’s name is Mrs.Anita Devi. He is just 22 year old and has achieved tremendously as a digital creator. His funny and dramatic videos on Instagram and Facebook have earned him massive subscribers and followers.

Vicky’s family needed him to plunge his feet in the field of government work which made a wreck for him however then he tuned in to his heart and did what he was intended to. Vicky had no background support to direct him in acting and he has progressed significantly to substantiate himself. He has consistently astonished his companions and supporters with his acting abilities.

He used to act, tune in to music, compose persuasive discourses in his hobby which eventually turned into his vocation. Same as everyone, he also faced many ups and downs during his journey. He accepts that it is a direct result of his firm brain and knowledge that he conquered those obstacles in his day-to-day existence. Vicky Mandal has an enormous Instagram and Facebook family and is totally adored by his adherents. His video content has directed critical control over his adherents.

His family, friends, and his followers work as a pillar of strength for him.
His every video gets viral on social media like fire and he indeed is an inspiration for the audience. Getting a million views on Facebook and Instagram is proof of his popularity among them. It would be truly extraordinary to see Vicky on the big screen one day.