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Valerie Grand brings the house down again with her golf impression

Valerie Grand is an undisputed princess of opinions when it comes to lifestyle. She has consistently made impressions on clean food, health and fitness, beauty, favorite homes, and the power of a positive mindset. She also values truth, quality, love, authenticity, and kindness for self and all.

This array of impressions is what sets her apart as a social influencer, especially on her Instagram profile. However, the impression she made in her latest Instagram post seems to take a different turn. She strikes a pose while holding a golf club, which is a golf impression.

Valerie Grand

The caption on her post, 11th June, reads, “Could only play a few holes then it started to rain,” and a sad face emoji.

It is unsure where she’s playing – whether a private, semi-private, or resort-style golf course. The geotag says nothing about it; neither has she mentioned it in any of her comments or replies. One thing is for sure, though, she was having a lot of fun before the rain started.

She probably was just playing a municipal course, where she’s not mandated to wear a blouse with collar, as professional female golfers do. Similar to her immediate previous post, she was sporting a white top. However, this time around, it was a classier, sporting long sleeve and a less revealing outfit. Valerie matched her white top with a faultless cyan skort, adding an erotic touch to her elegant look, especially with the way she squats. The color combined well with her top and footwear which were both white, and even more with the bluish, cloudy mountain background and greenfield, redesigning the cyan all over.

If her followers would not be carried away by her dashing looks, there might just be the second impression she is making – she is not wearing a slack under her skort. While she is wearing white socks, her golfing footwears are white Fila Women’s Disruptor III Contrast Piping Casual Sneakers.

Since it was not sunny, she was not wearing a head covering, allowing her followers to have a perfect view of her beautiful smile. The smile was magnificently engrossing. That’s not so much a surprise, though, coming from a princess such as Valerie. Her free-flowing blonde hair gives the picture even a more gorgeous lift. She was also wearing a white wristwatch the same as in her last picture. And on her right wrist, she had a black band and a chain bracelet.


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Absolutely want to start playing golf again (more in my stories)⛳️ Any golfers here? Let me know⬇️

A post shared by VALÉRIE GRAND (@valeriesaprincess) on

Three months back, March 7, precisely, she was standing on a golf turf, backing an autumn field. She was in a ravishing pink jacket and teal green leggings, also posing with a golf club. Her caption read, “Absolutely want to start playing golf again…” Now, to share with us her newest post is quite an emphatic affirmation of that wish. This isn’t the only sport this admirable woman plays. Some others include snooker and tennis.

As always, her followers have flocked out in their numbers to commend her looks. With up to 70 of them already, in less than 8 hours, she posted. Here are some of the comments.

“That’s a lovely outfit!! Awesome color choices also suck hahaha, it started pouring pretty hard here in Canada as well.”

“Killer shot! I love your outfit! Sorry about the rain.”

“Oh, wow, I would love to play this. I probably suck lol you look so beautiful tho hope it stopped raining and you won.”