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UMngomezulu Talks About How the South African Zulu Culture Influences His Music

Thulasizwe Mngomezulu known as UMngomezulu a South African DJ/Producer who has been around the South African electronic music scene for a number of years from DJing to producing and being a promoter. Thulasizwe uses his ancestral Clan name “Mngomezulu” as his stage name “UMngomezulu” pronounced as “OOM – NGO – MEH – ZULU” which is very common in the Zulu culture as many Zulu’s normally call each other using their ancestors Clan names. If we look historically at how King Shaka Zulu was addressed or praised, people normally would say “Ndabezitha, Mageba, Wenawendlovu etc which are his forefathers names.

Maskandi is one of his biggest influences musically as it’s a Zulu invented genre which consists of just vocals, guitar, clapping and dancing, this genre is very common as it speaks musically to many people based on experiences we faced and still facing in South Africa. Using his skills in house music he focuses more on taking ambient sounds from the forest and listening to his emotions at that specific time in order to produce music being influenced by his original roots.

Umbhaqanga plays another role in his influences as it is fused with electronic arrangements but using the Zulu language on vocals. He prefers to call it African disco as it has the disco influence which inspires him to have a proper understanding of arranging music using historical compositions with modern electronic sounds. However as we start the year he had a chance to do his own version of a song which is by the record label owner which came out to be nice deep and mellow influenced by his African roots sounds.

Lars Behrenroth the label owner describes the song “The Beach” as a “Balearic mid-tempo deep house tune”, So as we start the year 2022 UMngomezulu gave it a very deep groovy remix which is now available on Deepershades Recordings ” Bandcamp store “.

Thulasizwe Mngomezulu known as UMngomezulu
Thulasizwe Mngomezulu known as UMngomezulu

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