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Ugonzo and DaRealGenius Are the Artists Behind the NFT Projects with the Most Engaging Storyline

Imagine gene-edited cats with the brainpower that allows them to jump through space and time. The result? Havoc throughout history. 

If it sounds like a psychedelic fiction story, or something a certain Doctor of Journalism would have imagined seeing in a Las Vegas lounge, there’s a reason behind it. That story, which played out over the releases on three NFT PFP projects, was co-created by someone who’s no stranger to the life and mind-altering experiences of the late Hunter S. Thompson. This someone is the psychedelic artist Ugonzo.

Ulysses Gonzales, which is Ugonzo’s real name, is one-half of the hottest creative partnerships in the world of NFT art. He brings the psychedelic flavor to the art and the storylines, as he is the original idea behind PsychoKitties, the time-traveling cats. The other half of the duo, Nelson J. Madera, better known as DaRealGenius, jumped on board to help bring the full range of PsychoKitties to life and contribute to the next phase of overarching Metaverse — PsychoMollies. He would later go on to work on an NFT project on his own, called Mad Hare Society, that would be integrated into the Metaverse with the hares serving as the kitties’ enemies.

For Ugonzo and DaRealGenius, both established and respected artists in their own right, finding a way to play off each other’s visual strengths was important. The illustrations look the way they do because Ugonzo’s psychedelia is complemented perfectly by DaRealGenius’ love of vibrant colors. It’s the story, however, that creates that binding glue that will turn people who would love the project for the sake of art or the financial side of owning NFTs into members of the community. Stories are, after all, what helped humans become what we are today by giving us a tool to bring everyone together and share knowledge through generations.

No matter how important artwork and storytelling are for this hybrid of tech and art we call NFT art, having a clear vision for future development can only help people engage with NFTs in a meaningful way. The team behind the PsychoKitties Metaverse knows this, which is why they’re currently working their way through not one but two roadmaps that outline future development. Arguably the biggest milestone reached so far was the MetaRave, a digital event that featured stars such as Major Lazer, Riot Ten from Dim Mak Records, and London’s Sub-X. Some of the big plans for the future include breeding and a game set for release in Q1 2023.  

Throughout their careers, Ugonzo and DaRealGenius had the opportunity to express themselves and their experiences and interests. They even garnered a couple of famous fans and endorsers. Their NFT Metaverse, however, is open to anyone willing to believe that maybe, just maybe, those crazy kittens with enormous powers might know something about life and living that we don’t. That’s what psycho means for Ugonzo. It’s about having an empowered state of mind that helps handle any obstacle in life, even if that obstacle is a hare with a screw or two loose.