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U.S President Blasts New York Times Over Fake Breastfeeding Story

On Monday, the president took a moment to criticize New York Times following a story they had published about how the white house had tried to weaken World Health Assembly resolution to encourage breastfeeding, insisting females should not be deprived of access to formula.

Trump’s tweet was a response to the disagreement over a planned breastfeeding resolve at the World Health Assembly at the beginning of the year, which the United States did not support it and further threatened to impose trade measures to the nation that presented it, according to the New York Times.

The president in his tweet alleged that the false news on breastfeeding by the New York Times should be called out. He continued by saying that his administration and the United States fully supported breastfeeding although they did not believe women should be denied access to the formula. In the same Tweet, the president says that women needed that option since the cases of malnutrition and poverty were rampant. Even as the president alleges that the story by these reporters is misleading, the New York Times has insisted that the information they gave is credible by providing a link to it.

The resolve, as stated by the New York Times, was printed to boost breastfeeding and to avoid wrong or deceptive promotion for the substitutes of breast milk. The resolution, presented by Ecuador, failed to prohibit the use of formula.

When efforts to moderate language in the resolution did not bear any fruit, the United States shocked the international society by threatening Ecuador who was the country that introduced by making it known that they will be making retaliatory trade measures against them and the removal of military support. Ecuador and other countries that felt that they were at risk of similar trade retaliation measures backed-off upon learning the fate that will befall them.

However, what is even more notable in the New York Times reports is that the Russian administration introduced the same resolution and for some reasons, the Whitehouse did not fight back. As noted in the NYT, it is difficult to understand why the U.S government did not threaten or take retaliatory measures against Russia as they had done in the case of Ecuador.

The New York Times in a tweet to Trump would, however, defend itself and gave a link to the story under debate. They asserted that their story is accurate and thus if the president needed it, he could read it by following the link they provided to get the information regarding the issue.