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Turn Your E-Commerce Businesses into an 8-Figure Enterprise with Lukas Schirmer

Many e-commerce business owners struggle to earn reviews for their ventures, and this is just one of the digital marketing challenges businesses face. Fortunately, there is an easier way to turn your business into an 8-figure enterprise, and Lukas Schirmer has the secret as an experienced digital marketer. Many people need help building a strong digital marketing portfolio, but Lukas made it at a young age. He has his way of doing it, and businesses from far and wide have sought his services. But who is Lukas Schirmer?

Lukas is an entrepreneur, CEO, and digital marketer based in Munich, Germany. He has a strong portfolio and many years of experience in digital marketing. And through his agency, Lukas has helped many businesses rise from nothing to become enterprises. His agency currently works with an 8-figure budget and has provided 8-figure revenues for many of its clients. But how did Lukas become the person he is today?

At just 26 years old, Lukas is already the CEO of the trusted digital marketing agency Twist & Schirm. His success can be attributed to his personality and unsatisfied spirit of finding new challenges to conquer. To understand who Lukas is, let’s rewind to his teenage years. Lukas got his degree from one of the most prestigious universities in Germany. He studied theoretical mathematics, a very challenging course that only 20% of students admitted to the program finish. Despite that, Lukas finished in the top percentile of his remaining class.

Lukas has always been creative yet analytical. In an interview, he disclosed that he has been working to combine the two versions of himself to deliver the best to his clients and community. According to him, this attribute is what led to his early success. If he is not dealing with marketing, Lukas spends his time doing photography or design. He is naturally creative and can find the solution to almost any problem.

Lukas also has a big heart for helping others. He has devoted much of his life to helping people and society at large. He spent 9 years working voluntarily for his community church, where he organized different events and activities. Lukas also worked voluntarily as a football coach for children in his community. As an adult, Lukas has organized fundraisers in Dubai to help breast cancer and diabetic patients and also worked with special needs children. In 2015 / 2016, Lukas helped Syrian refugees in Germany. He worked voluntarily to help them and was a board member of the Young Alliance for two years, as well as leading his university’s student union.

Today, Lukas runs a successful e-commerce Agency, Twist & Schirm, which has served hundreds of clients over the years. The agency also has helped S&P Global 1200 companies. Lukas has put together a talented team of ex-Google Ads and Meta Ads professionals. Combined with his hands-on 8-year experience with the TikTok platform, Twist & Schirm has become the go-to paid ads agency in Germany and has established itself as the best option for companies that want to run ads to improve their revenue.

Lukas and his teams are already successful but are still ambitious. Their next objective is to assemble a portfolio of digital marketing and e-commerce companies to create synergies. The agency wants to double its market share and venture into MarTech to make Google Ads, Meta Ads, and TikTok Ads more accessible. And with the determination of Lukas and his team, these objectives are within reach.

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