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Trump’s Ways of Enforcing a Practice of Separating Immigrant Families

No sooner had the administration of trump taken the oath of office, so did they start strategizing on how they would keep off the illegal immigrants from entering the country. According to John Kelly, in a 2007 and post, there would be a separation of the children from their parents for the families that were apprehended entering the United States illegally.

However, even after more than ten years now, despite the overall fall in the illegal immigration, occasional spikes in this act had bedeviled the presidents of the nation prompting them to seek ways in which they would discourage this unauthorized trek.

Despite the need to cut this movement, the Obama administration and that of George W. Bush found the act of separating families too inhuman especially when the children were involved. ForTrump, this was a campaign promise that he had used and therefore was willing to do anything to make it work although he publicly dropped the idea after the backlash received due to the comments made by Kelly on the subject and the methods they intended to use.

However, senior advocates in the administration and president Trump political advisors did not let go of the idea. Last month, the president gave a strict order of arrest and prosecution of those caught entering the country illegally with few exemptions top those that had minors.

With the implementation of the order, Mr. Trump is now facing the consequences. There are very many minors held in makeshift shelters resulting in the critiques of the administration terming them to be behaving like the Nazis. Franklin Graham who is an evangelical supporter also raised his concern terming the policy as disgraceful.

Even the president himself now appears confused and what he should do trying to find someone else to take the blame for him. That is why he has turned the blame on the Democrats in what is arguably nottrue. Whatever image the whole issues is creating will likely have a significant effect on the domestic policy, something that his predecessors dreaded.

There are even those within the presidential administration that see this impending policy as morally wrong and unfeasible in practice. For example, officials such as Kirstjen Nielsen, who is the homeland security secretary is on the brink of resigning after clashing with the president privately for the question this practice.

Despite a hardliner of immigration such as Mr. Miller arguing that no one exempt of the immigration law despite their class, critiques such as Senator Jeff Merkley, find no humanity in these actions. Others feel that the measures taken do not offer a long-term solution to the problem. Therefore, it is to be seen what is to happen, but at the moment. Let the president deal with the consequences of his orders.