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Trump Treads Carefully Ahead of Helsinki Talks

The tour of the U.S president in Europe will come to an end in Helsinki, on Monday when he meets Russian president Vladimir Putin. Trump insisted before the summit that he had low-expectations but still hadsome hopes there could be something good coming out of the meeting between the two leaders.

The U.S president insists that there is no formal agenda, but insisted that he would be raising the issue that has been on the headlines for long concerning the hacking of the U.S election system in which twelve Russians have been charged. Only the interpreters for the two leaders will be allowed into the meeting when the two leaders will be meeting face-to-face. Although Trump and Putin have previously attended the same multilateral talks, the trump-Trump summit will be the first to happen between them.

There are calls in the United States requesting that the president cancel the meeting with the Russian leader after Russian intelligence military agents were indictedon Friday for interfering with the U.S election. The Russian government denies the allegations and alleges that they are committed to the summit in which they could discuss ways to improve the two countries relations.

According to the United States, national security advisor, John Bolton said that the two administratorshave agreed to meet but with no set agenda. He, however, said that he found it hard to believe that the Russian president did not know about the alleged election hacking.

The two presidents will feel they have achieved just from the fact they were able to meet when the whole world is watching them. The Russian president who is coming in the back of a successful world cup hosting will project the power of Russia during the summit. On the other hand, his counterpart, Trump, will savor this opportunity to mark his position as the best dealmaker in the world. Trump criticizes his allies but shows admiration for strongmen like Putin and Kim.

His method of disruptive diplomacy means that we should expect him to make the unexpected concessions that might startle his allies. Additionally, the meeting could yield some fruits. There are also critical issues such as wars in Syria and Ukraine and the nuclear arms race that deserve the attention of two leaders.

However, with no set agenda and the unpredictability of Trump, there is no way anyone can be sure what will be the outcome of the summit. The president will be coming from the back of tour in Europe in which he criticized them for taking advantage of U.S and failing to pay the NATO bills.