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Trump: Allow Immigrants Based on Merits Only and Not Everyone that Invades the Country

President Donald Trump does not seem like he is letting the debate on immigration go away anytime soon. In today’s tweet, he continued escalating the topic by saying that migrants should not be allowed to invade the United States.

He argues that when someone enters the country unlawfully, the government has a responsibility to return them to their places of originality without having to involve the judges or court cases. The president further alleges that the immigrants should be sent back instantly they get into the country.

The white house has in several instances used dehumanizing terms such as infest while referring to immigration. In some cases, his harsh words have targeted MS-13 gang members, while other times he is not clear on what he really means to put across and conflates immigrants who get into the country through the border with the evilgang. The U.S leader feels that they should only let foreigners into the country those that can make the nation Great Again and thus their entry should be based on merit.

The U.S leader and his administration, have been in the past several weeks under a lot of scrutiny and criticism for their strictpolicy that has led to the separation of families. The hardline stance by the Whitehousehas seemingly had a lot of adverse effect on the minors who have had to live in caged places and away from their parents. After the reports emerged of the condition the children were living in with some recordings having a background of some children wailing, the whole country reacted, with even the president’s party member mounting pressure on the president to reconsider his policy. On Wednesday he bound-down to the calls for a change that could reverse the situation, but there could be another turn in the events as noted by Tom Bossert who is the Homeland Security adviser when he argued that the courts may also overturn the decision by the Head of State.

It is just within this week that Trump complained about the role of the courts and judges in the United States immigration process. Since illegal crossing of the border is a federal crime, it is the duty of the immigration judges to handle the cases federally. The U.S leader’s declaration also fails to account for due procedural concerns or whether or not a migratory is looking for asylum, as are a significant number of those currently coming from nations plagued with violence.