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Trump Administration Fails to Meet the Court’s Deadline on Reunifying Immigrant Families

The united states president, Donald Trump said on Tuesday that the solution to his administration failed deadline of unifying families of illegal immigrants was for them to avoid entering the U.S soil undocumented. At the Whitehouse south lawn, the president was quoted by the reporters saying that the advice he could offer them was to ask those entering his country illegally to stop. The president said that hour before departing to Europe for the expected weeklong trip.

The Whitehouse came under heavy criticisms from the critiques and the world for their policy on separation of families of those entering the country illegally. The prosecution of the immigrants resulted in the locking of children in separate cages away from their parents which led to the public outcry. It is notable that initially, the president defended his policy and wrongly accused the Democrats of being the reason for the problem; the president further falsely alleged that only the Congress could solve the problem. However, after details of the situation went viral, with audio of children in the facilities coming out, the president bowed to the public pressure and gave in to signing an executive order that allowed for uniting of the separated families.

Although there are orders from the Whitehouse on keeping the separated families together, it is, however, unclear on what will happen to the already separated ones. On Monday, the administration missed a court-mandated deadline of reuniting children under the age of five with their parents.Senate Homeland Security Committee chairperson, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) indicated on Monday when talking to CNN that failure to unite the separated families boggled his mind.

The policy to keep children away from their parents have provoked calls from several Democrats who now wants United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement abolished, the agency allocated some mandates that include deportations. The president, in his statements on Tuesday morning to the journalists, condemned pleas to do away with ICE.

Trump said that he found it a disgrace to have some people fighting the ICE while they were the people going the way of danger. The president demanded that they get the support but not do what the Democrats were doing. The president alleges that the Democrats want the border opened without minding crime. The president poses with a question saying that all the people want is a crime-free country with borders.

After now missing the deadline set by the court, it is currently unclear what the fate of the 100 children already separated from their parents will be.However,there is expectation of pressure from the Democrats and other people of similar sentiments towards the government to obey the court orderwhich will see the reunifying of the families.