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Trump Adds Wood to the Controversy Surrounding Family Separation

The controversy surrounding the Trump administration’s policy of separation of families continues to draw much national debate while the white house appears eager to keep it going. On Tuesday before the National Federation of Independent Businesses, Trump gave a speech in which he expounded on his government’s firm policy of taking all unauthorized immigrants for prosecution, a practice which leads to families splitting of those entering the United States illegally.

The Republican leader continued with the much-derided talk in which he blames the Democrats for the separation of migrants’ children and their parents. He fails to acknowledge that the decision can be reversed the moment he gives the directive because there will be no law he will be braking.

However, the president also appeared to put his administration back on the moral high ground after reports had emerged of kids in cages, wailing after separation from their families. He pushed for his government immigration agenda arguing that the policies he had introduced were aimed at ensuring that there was no human trafficking. He further alleges that the problem of human trafficking is the worst in history due to the ease with which the traffickers can operate the internet.

The president referred the asylum practice as a loophole for smugglers, mirroring the sentiments of Kirstjen Nielsen who is the Homeland Security Secretary, who proposed at a media update on Monday that traffickers pretend to be families at the border to get asylum and enter the United States.

While Republican legislators are scrambling to put themselves in excellent standing before the midterms on an issue that is intensely emotional, the president seems contented to have the conversation going. Trump made rigid immigration stands — for example, the call to build a massive wall at the border, a trademark of his campaign. Additionally, there are some of his officials such as Nielsen and Kellyanne Conway and Attorney General Jeff Sessions who have also not shielded away from the limelight, with their frequent and public talk on the issue.

While the critiques are taking this chance to reprimand the government as being inhumane, the white house is increasingly highlighting that human smugglers are a big part of the challenge.

Brian Hastings who is the border control acting chief of law enforcement operations, while on the phone with reporters on Tuesday, said that there had been one hundred and forty-eight cases of fraud — a group he alleged to be mostly of unauthorized settlers pretending to be family members— between October and April of 2018. Even as the debate continues, the president seems determined not to let anything deter the controversial policy that has become the talking points of many people.