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Trump accuses Google for showing bias content about himself

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has accused Google of displaying biased content that portrays him in a negative light. Trump believes that the search engine is hiding “fair media” that showcase the good that he does without any real evidence or details regarding his accusation.

Google isn’t the only company that has been in Trump’s crosshairs regarding content bias. The president has also aired his grievances about the social media platforms Facebook and Twitter along with technology companies such as Additionally, Trump berates any news outlet that provides coverage that he deems unfair or which portrays him poorly.

In a statement defending themselves, Google stated that their search engine platforms displays any form of political bias. The results that Google emits are not based upon any political ideology.

Regardless of what Google says or any other search engine optimization expert might suggest, Trump took to Twitter earlier this week to express his frustration. His tweets stated that search results on Google for “Trump News” were being manipulated to show coverage from fake news outlets such as CNN. He also stated that since there were no listings from conservative publications, Trump believes that someone is rigging the results, which is illegal.

Social media giants Facebook and Twitter have declined to comment on the latest Trump outburst however their congressional testimony stated that both parties have not engaged in any partisan censorship on their platforms.

While Google keeps the method of search engine rankings hidden, experts have discovered certain methods that helps boosts a websites ranking through credibility.

These practices include the use of keywords, how often the particular website has been referenced amongst others and the trustworthiness and credibility of a news website. Generally speaking, for a website to be listed on the Google news platform, the website owner must apply for the process where their website is examined and scrutinized to deem whether it is appropriate to be viewed from the searching population.

The websites that Trump constantly refers to as fake news: CNN and NYTimes are both very popular websites with many references hence their natural rankings at the top of Google’s results page.