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Transforming Lives: Lora Kelley’s Holistic Approach to Trauma Recovery and Mental Wellness

With the growing awareness of personal trauma and its effects on personal life and relationships, trauma “gurus” seem to be a dime a dozen today. However, amidst this sea of self-proclaimed experts, it’s rare to encounter a trailblazer who not only challenges the status quo but redefines the entire landscape. Lora Kelley, the visionary founder of Storied Living, is one such individual. With her innate ability to connect with others and her unshakable belief in the transformative power of storytelling, Kelley has forged a distinctive path for trauma survivors to heal, grow, and ultimately thrive.

Kelley’s passionate journey began in 2016 when she set out to understand her own story and to join the revolution of how we approach trauma healing. Inspired by her own experiences and an empathetic understanding of the human spirit, she pursued four levels of certification in Narrative Informed Trauma Care through The Allender Center at The Seattle School of Psychology and Theology. Determined to help her clients transition from merely surviving to truly thriving, she delved into life coaching, receiving her certification from the Life Coach School in 2020. Today, Kelley continues her quest for knowledge and expertise as she pursues her Master Coach Certification.

Kelley shares, “Storied Living was created out of my love for people, especially people who know they’re struggling and want to understand why they’re struggling and learn how to feel better so that they can get out there and live their lives with integrity and intention, to move from just surviving to thriving,” She continues and explains about the first episode of her Storied Living podcast. “If this podcast allows for just half of a shift in you, just a degree, then it’s worth it. Because we know that just one gentle shift can change the trajectory of an entire life.” Through her work, Kelley seeks to create those gentle shifts that can reshape lives and inspire hope.

Her unique approach centers on five phases of healing through storytelling: living in and through your story, recognizing the story, engaging with the story and its obstacles, owning the story, and creating a new story while holding onto the lessons of the past. Along this journey, Kelley guides her clients through crucial categories, such as self-sabotage, buffering, coping, attachment styles, emotional regulation, and cognitive and somatic engagement.

The first season of Kelley’s podcast delves into a variety of mental health and trauma-informed topics, inviting listeners to explore subjects such as coping with trauma, thriving after trauma, spiritual and institutional abuse, sexual abuse and assault, family of origin and attachment, and the importance of mental health for children.

Lora Kelley’s Storied Living doesn’t simply offer a fleeting glimpse of hope—it paves the way for lasting change. With a 60-minute consult and discovery call, Kelley dives deep into her clients’ stories, understanding their needs and desires as well as crafting tailored plans to help them reach their goals. “No more wasted time on the past,” Kelley insists, “or letting your past run away with your future.”

In a world full of pain where trauma recovery is often shrouded in mystery and uncertainty, Lora Kelley shines as a beacon of hope, a guiding light illuminating the path to healing and well-being. Through her unwavering dedication and innovative approach, she has transformed countless lives, and her work continues to inspire curiosity, courage, and resilience in the face of adversity.