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Trade War Rooms Between U.S and Canada as Trump and Trudeau Disagree Publicly

The tension between the United States of America and other G7 countries continued to escalate particularly with Canada even as Trump tried to downplay the rift with the meeting scheduled between him and the North Korean leader. Some official of the U.S took time to criticize the Canadian prime minister saying there is a special place for him in hell which will further the argument on the strained relationship between the two nations.

Other officials of the USA such as National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow argued that the sentiment by Justin Trudeau aired through the reporters that Canada would impose retaliatory measures on tariffs was like a stab at the back to the united states. Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland would respond to that by saying that its government did not conduct its diplomacy through ad hominem attacks would seemed to add more insult to the wounds already established between them.

The comments and actions by the Canadian come just hours after trump left the G7 meeting to attend a historic meeting the Korean leader. Beforegoing, he was categorically clear that he will be imposing tariffs on the aluminum and steel that they exported from Canada. The officials of the United States took the trade remarks of Trudeau personally ahead of the upcoming tricky negotiation with Kim Jong Un, and U.S leader yanked his backing from a joint communique with the other G-7 countries as a result.

Trump is hoping that a meeting with Kim will yield a defining policy victory that would work in his favor among his supporters and critiques to validate his perception of the world which will be an asset in his endeavor to seek reelection in the 2020 reelection campaign. Although he has tried to downplay the significance of this meeting, the U.S officials are keen to show strength and not any sign of weakness during the interaction with the Korean leader.

The first meeting between the two leaders’ delegates is scheduled on Monday in Singapore. The disappointing factor though is that this trade dispute between the two nations will remain unresolved despite being closer.As Freeland said, the U.S. tariffs on aluminum and steel from Canada are “insulting,” and thus their retaliatory tariffs will take effect on July 1.The dispute between the two countries is likely to continue unless the leaders and officials from the two side sit down and resolve the cause of their difference amicably.