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AtLuxuryHome – the top luxury real estate team in Colorado serving Cherry Hills Village and Greenwood Village

ATLUXURYHOME is a top local real estate team located in Colorado which serves the most desirable, top-dollar areas in Cherry Hills Village and Greenwood Village.

Aleks Liubimyi and his wife, Tatiana Pevtsova, work 24/7 as agents in this luxury sector. Their company, ATLUXURYHOME, offers the best real estate white glove service powered with Coldwell Banker Realty.

Luxury homes are synonymous with an exclusive lifestyle, especially if the estate is in Colorado, US. Their allure is and always will be indisputable!

The sale of luxury homes across the US has continued to outperform well-furnished home sales.

The Colorado real estate sector is thriving with it peaking to record-breaking levels due to historically low interest rates. This has provided those who dream of buying a luxury home in Cherry Hills Village, Greenwood Village, Cherry Creek and Vail with the reality of being able to obtain it, especially with the assistance of an expert luxury realtor couple like Aleks Liubimyi and Tatiana Pevtsova.

What has maintained the price momentum in Colorado?

Due to the long-lasting quarantine period, people have realised the importance of home buying, and those who can afford a luxury real estate property are cautiously looking for the best options.

There is a rise in the availability of luxury homes which is a good indication for luxury home buyers and realtors. Premium real estate is the sophisticated approach for the home buyer who wants to seamlessly encompass the opulence and comforts of luxury living while catering to the persistent needs of the current work from home requirements.

You must have heard some people say “Luxury clients don’t buy the home itself. Instead, they’re more interested in buying into the realtor selling them the luxury estate.”

Besides the time when you are buying a luxury home, dealing with luxury real estate is not an easy task. An expert realtor must have certain mandatory qualities to become and establish themselves as a legitimate and certified luxury realtor in the Colorado region.

Meet your best luxury Colorado realtor

Aleks Liubimyi and his wife, Tatiana Pevtsova
Photo: Aleks Liubimyi and his wife Tatiana Pevtsova.

Providing top-notch services and an out of this world real estate experience from start to finish, Aleks Liubimyi and his wife, Tatiana Pevtsova, provide their luxury real estate services and expertise for the Colorado area as well as around the world.

If you are a family who would love to purchase property as your residential home, weekend home or to invest in Colorado’s luxury residences, ATLUXURYHOME can provide the best real estate solutions.

Utilising their skill set, which has been polished for over 10 years in the industry, the ATLUXURYHOME team uses their powerful marketing strategies while understanding the needs and the requirements of the current luxury home buyers in Colorado.

Confused as to why you should approach this young realtor couple?

Update your lifestyle with a premium property deal!

Tatiana has more than five years’ experience in luxury fashion and hospitality. Completing her master’s degree in law from the All-Russian State University of Justice, she gained insight into law practices through many experiences in the field.

During her residency in Moscow City, Tatiana helped design the family business while being inspired by LVMH brands, Net-A-Porter and renowned Italian design houses. Plus, she is exceptionally talented in creating interior home designs.

Her eyes, honed by experience, can recognise genuine craftsmanship and helped her gain the goodwill of masters of home sales. Moreover, she gives attention to the most minute details and guarantees real estate excellence.

She will work tirelessly in finding your dream property or weekend escape. Also, she will prepare excellent estate deals which underline the importance of a transformative space for her exclusive clients.

Use her services to save you precious time, effort (no transaction related stress) and money in your million-dollar deal. Her compassion and professionalism are reflected in her interactions with every client.

With a master of engineering degree from Polytechnic University, Saint-Petersburg, Aleks guides clients with his unparalleled knowledge about the property’s structure. He is well versed in making the tedious home buying process a fun activity; he has been doing this for his esteemed clientele which includes famous actors, football players, heads of companies and billionaires.

Following a concierge-style approach in his profession, he has delivered customised marketing plans and an unmatched service to every client since the inception of his career.

As a Certified Negotiation Expert, Aleks winning the Top Salesman of 2020 (LND Award) is completely justified.

So, book an appointment today to have an in-person discussion with the ATLUXURYHOME team on how they can help you.

Listen to what the ATLUXURYHOME team confesses:

Dealing with a million-dollar listing in Colorado is never easy. You must meet the buyers’ high standards and expectations which is often challenging as it can be different from reality. However, the work-from-home culture has changed the luxury home buyers’ perception of homes in Colorado.

Homes have become much more than an investment preference, especially luxury homes which come with a sense of eminence and exuberance as well as giving a broader sense of work-life choices.

Luxury real estate in Colorado provides amenities for holistic living in the residence itself as part of how well developed it is.

Easy Relocation: We make relocation easy, connecting you with some of the best business professionals and coordinate your entire move to create a seamless transition.

Record Setting Negotiation: We have set more pricing records on the buy and sell side than any team in Denver. Find out how we do this.

Luxury Concierge Experience: We provide a unique, luxury concierge experience for all our clients. Contact us today to find out more about our process.

Unique & Hidden Properties: Our team has access to numerous off-market, hidden and special deals. Book an appointment with us today to gain access.

According to the ATLUXURYHOME team, to be in luxury means learning about your client’s demands without a word being said.

Colorado is counted as one of the most beautiful and inspiring places to live in the US. You can find the luxury homes of celebrities in this region. Enjoy life with outdoor activities like skating, snowboarding, skiing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, fishing, biking, swimming, boating and much more as the season dictates.

Here are some pro tips from the ATLUXURYHOME team:

To break into the luxury market, it’s crucial to co-list / co-market a listing whenever feasible with the established market agents, as you will earn references in your region.

Never be greedy. Always believe in networking with private lenders and bankers. Believe it, there are chances when the banker refers you to the buyer of luxury homes in the region.


Every new listing and open house should be similar to an event launch.

Doing a good job will earn referrals.

Invest in both online and offline marketing to reach out to high-end clients.

With the help of the ATLUXURYHOME team, buying or selling residential or commercial properties, or even land, is an entirely streamlined and stress-free process. Start visualising your relocation to your dream luxury home, leaving the legal formalities on to the ATLUXURYHOME team.

Reach out to them through their website:

Mail them at [email protected] or [email protected] for a quick response as the ATLUXURYHOME team is available 24/7 for their clients.

See their unrivalled commitment to serving clients for yourself from the previous ATLUXURYHOME buyers.


ATLUXURYHOME is the first choice for luxury home buyers desiring exclusive celebrity homes or mansions. We can guarantee you won’t be disappointed with our recommendations.




For Colorado-based properties in Greenwood Village, Cherry Hills Village, Cherry Creek and Vail, give us a call so we can help you find the best in luxury real estate with the ATLUXURYHOME team’s expertise. Cheers!