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Top 5 Entrepreneurs Working To Make Our Lives Better In 2024

In recent years, advances in technology have come at lightning speeds. As a result, lives are changing mostly for the better. Certain individuals are leading the way in striving to make the world a better place for others. While most have heard of Elon Musk, others are doing much more and they’re receiving little to no recognition.

Below, readers will learn more about the top five entrepreneurs who are working to make our lives better in 2024.

Shane Elwart – The Pioneer of the Future of Autonomous Transportation

When most people think of autonomous vehicles, they immediately think of Elon Musk and his Tesla brand of automobiles. Soon, that will change as Shane Elwart and NIFT Inc. assume the spotlight. Shane is like so many other young boys who dream of being an inventor, but he has actually proven to be successful with more than 100 patents under his name.

His story is unique since he was raised in a household where tinkering was an aspect of daily life. As an aspiring engineer, Elwart pursued mechanical engineering and eventually acquired a Bachelor of Science degree. During his storied career, he worked for many major automotive players and his innovations helped him win multiple awards. For instance, he once took home the Henry Ford Technology Award.

Shane’s career changed when he founded NIFT which is more than just a typical engineering company. It is being described as a revolution in motion. Shane dreams of building a world where transportation is an equalizer instead of a barrier. His unmatched imagination and ambition could shape the future of transportation.

Some of his most alluring ideas include electric air vehicles and autonomous shuttles. At its core, NIFT simply wants to build vehicles that are electric, affordable, automated, and accessible. Those interested in following Shane’s journey can do so by visiting or

Guillaume Bourcy – Innovator of Mobile identity

Guillaume Bourcy is another brilliant mind working to make the digital world a better and safer place for others. The innovative Belgian entrepreneur has cemented his legacy in the United States while connecting technologies and cultures. His company, Oofty, effectively bridges telecoms and digital identity while growing rapidly servicing more than twenty customers in ten countries and four continents.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Guillaume single handedly established enterprise offices in the United States for one of the largest public company in Belgium. With the Proximus Group, his skills would prove helpful in driving the sales strategy, product development and GTM for its subsidiary BICS, addressing the digital native enterprise segment.

In the early 2010, Bourcy was one of the first in the industry to recognize the emergency growth and key positioning of the telecoms as a privileged gateway for creating digital trust across digital platforms and their end-users. Bourcy has been integral in creating a human-first company that bridges telecoms and digital identity.

With Bourcy at the helm, Oofty envisions the establishment of a global foothold empowered by strategic mergers and acquisitions while maintaining a close-knit relationship with customers. In just over a year of business, Bourcy engineered a plan to help Oofty acquire more than 20 customers in various stages, including telcos, start-ups, international wholesale carriers, and large tech enterprises.

The father of a son will continue shaping the digital world and making it a better and safer place for his family and others

Alex Hormozi – Revolution of the Acquisition

Alex Hormozi is described as a first-generation, Iranian-American entrepreneur. He is also an investor and philanthropist who is working to improve the world. Hormozi launched his first brick-and-mortar business in 2014. In just three years, the business was thriving to the point that it had six locations. Then, he spent a couple of years turning more than 30 brick-and-mortar businesses around and making them more successful than ever.

He used the same model that proved to be successful earlier. Then, Hormozi created a package featuring his business strategy and scaled it to more than 4,000 locations in four years. In 2020, Hormozi became an owner and shareholder of the businesses in question. During this time, he also founded to invest his own wealth into other ventures.

In particular, Hormozi is considered an expert in customer acquisition and monetization. Besides his business ventures, he also spends time expanding access to education in underprivileged communities. He also encourages entrepreneurship among those in underprivileged communities.

Hormozi’s technology makes it easier than ever for entrepreneurs to launch a business or sell one in an equity deal.

Patrick Bet David – Simplifying Life Insurance And Annuities

Patrick Bet-David is another Iranian-born American entrepreneur. He is also an author and YouTube star. The 45-year-old is the owner of PHP Agency Inc. His YouTube channel, Valuetainment, has more than 5 million followers. While an undergraduate at Santa Monica College, he worked as a membership marketer for Bally Total Fitness. Later, he dropped out and worked for Morgan Stanley and Transamerica Corporation.

In 2009, he launched PHP Agency which is his first company. PHP stands for People Helping People. The PHP Agency is one of the most successful firms offering life insurance and annuity services in the United States. Bet-David has also written books about his business strategies.

His book, Your Next Five Moves, aims to help consumers learn how to launch and run a successful business. Bet-David is improving the world by making it easier for consumers to acquire life insurance. He has also greatly improved the annuity market for those receiving fixed payments.

Kevin O’Leary

O’Leary is likely the best-known entrepreneur on this list because he is everywhere. Over the years, Kevin O’Leary has proven to be a jack-of-all-trades as a businessman, author, and politician. In recent years, he has started to experiment with ETFs and cryptocurrencies. O’Leary is leading the way in educating the public about financial literacy while offering investment advice.

Canadian businessman, Terrence Thomas Kevin O’Leary, was born on July 9, 1954, in Montreal. O’Leary’s entrepreneurship and business ventures have earned him the nicknames “Mr. Wonderful” and “Uncle Kevin”. 

O’Leary co-hosted “The Lang and O’Leary Exchange” with Amanda Lang. The business program debuted on October 26, 2009, on CBS News Network. After a seven-year run, CBS canceled the program in September 2016.

O’Leary launched SoftKey Software Products in 1986. The software company was headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. In a hostile takeover in 1995, SoftKey Software Products acquired The Learning Company (TLC) for $606 million. The acquisition changed the name of SoftKey Software Products to The Learning Company.

O’Leary’s software products, investment knowledge, and other contributions are making the world a better place.