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Top 5 Benefits of Berger’s Express Home Painting Services

Get the XP advantage and give your wall the makeover it deserves with Berger’s express home painting services. 

Berger Paints India Limited is our country’s second largest paints and coatings company and is among the best managed companies of 2021 as per Deloitte. Berger express painting (XP), their one-of-a-kind home painting service, is now safer, faster and cleaner than ever before. The executives and painters keep you informed and updated at every stage of the project so that you have a positive home painting experience. These XP services include a slew of value-added services that can help you the most in the following five ways. 

1. Safe Nahi, Super Safe Painting

With your health and safety being their top priority, Berger express house painting services only deploy painters who have a green status on the Aarogya Setu App. Berger has also facilitated their Covid vaccination through health camps across the country. These painters are equipped with XP health and safety kits which include gloves, masks, caps, and sanitisers. With these kits, painters are able to regularly disinfect their tools and touched surfaces. They also maintain social distancing at all times to ensure the health of both customers and painters. From when you first make a booking right up to a newly painted home, only certified executives and verified painters will interact with you. These guidelines are in place so that you experience all the XP advantages without any worry. 

2. You Have the Power

By introducing their Express Painting App, Berger paints home service is now digitised to implement zero-contact, paperless, and cashless transactions for increased security. Through the XP app, you can keep an eye on the temperatures and health of painters and executives who will be working on-site. You don’t have to worry about going out into crowded places to buy paints anymore with the app. Once the scope of work is agreed upon with your service team, you will have sanitised products delivered to your doorstep in no time. When you create a project in the app, you are able to track its progress in real time to confirm that things are moving at a pace you agreed with. You can also explore various colour combinations for every part of your home using the app’s shade cards. Enjoy being the one in charge and monitoring your whole home painting project from the comfort of your own home. 

3. Evaluation and Estimation

Once you have made a booking for the consultation through the app or online, one of the executives will arrange for an appropriate time to visit the painting site. During the visit, walls are digitally measured for accurate measurements of painting areas. At this stage, experts answer any questions you have regarding the painting. You will have access to customized Berger paints home solutions which are backed by science for waterproofing every damp region in your home, so ‘no more Gyaan, only Vigyaan.’ Homeshield™ professionals from Berger Paints use a moisture meter to make a precise diagnosis of the extent of moisture in your walls and provide the best remedy. 

4. Time-Saving Tools

With their trade secrets and techniques, XP painters already do a quicker job at painting than a homeowner would. Combine these tricks with mechanized tools, you can only imagine how quickly a painting project will be done. This speed is achieved without any compromise on the quality of results. 

Sanding Machine: Featuring a vacuuming function, this machine helps make surfaces smooth while cleaning up after itself. All the dust will be sucked up in a bag, preventing it from settling on your floor or furniture and keeping the air in your home clean.

Multipurpose Mixer: This automated mixer comes with variable speeds calibrated to how much and what type of putty, texture, or paint you plan on using. 

High-Pressure Washer: Used to strip away old paint, dirt, and algal growth from exterior walls, this tool is equipped with an adjustable nozzle that controls the force with which water gushes out through its nozzle. 

Airless Paint Sprayer:  The spray tool allows large surfaces to get painted over quickly whilst also providing an even finish. 

5. A Clean Experience

Experience ultimate cleanliness from the beginning of your painting project with Berger paints painting services. At the start of the painting journey, painters cover all furniture, floors, and valuable items with highly durable covers that keep everything safe from any paint mishaps. XP Painters always have products ready to use in the rare case of paint spills. They use a uniquely formulated floor cleaner to remove stubborn stains. The biggest help of all is that they do a complete post painting site clean-up where they put everything back to how it was so that you can walk into a house that feels brand new.


Gone are the days when the painting was a time-consuming affair. With XP services, you can now reach the same destination through a smoother and shorter journey.