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This popular Instagram fashion influencer opens up on her battle with chronic illness

Lena has made quite a name for herself, even if she has never shared her last name, or shown her face. At over four million followers on her Instagram page @Panthere_instyle, there’s plenty of fans of her cheerful fashion style that makes heavy use of bold hues, bags, and high heels. She’s always exceptionally upbeat and positive when she writes her captions and makes her Instagram Stories. However, Lena battles something every day of her life: chronic illness.

Around 20 years ago, she was told by doctors that she suffered from a chronic condition that would make life challenging for the foreseeable future. While she hasn’t shared publicly what that condition is yet, we know that it can be challenging for her to do even simple everyday tasks.

Even though she deals with a chronic illness on a daily basis, she remarkably manages to stay positive. Wearing colorful clothes definitely helps her keep an upbeat attitude about things. In addition to that, she also focuses on positive things, never loses hope, and stays determined to keep on going in life. This philosophy on life has inspired countless fans to also be the best versions of themselves.


Her journey wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but she learned that the only way to navigate through challenging situations is to be as positive as possible. Even though she hasn’t shared that much about her chronic condition yet, she plans to more soon. It’s a very emotional topic for her to talk about, due to how long she has suffered from it. You could say she is protecting herself from unwanted verbal abuse, since she has previously dealt with a fair share of hurtful comments.

Thankfully, she has grown thicker skin and feels more confident that she can share about her journey with a chronic illness and not be negative affected if someone decides to say something meant to cause her pain. She’s a warrior now who can simply let those kinds of internet troll comments fall by the wayside without getting affected by them.

She is increasingly looking to use her massively popular Instagram page to raise awareness about the chronic illness she and many others suffer from. Also, she aspires for a cure to be found so that people like her can enjoy the simple things in life, like being able to walk without it feeling like a struggle. Once she begins to truly feel better, she would like nothing more than to dance the night away.

Lena lives by something that Winston Churchill once said, which was that “The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” She has stayed determined to live in a more healthy way, especially when it comes to food, and ultimately find a cure. Lena has begun to speak up more about living with a chronic illness and hopes to raise awareness about it more in the coming months.