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10 Things You Didn’t Know About @golferfeelings Community and Their Interests

Do you want to get in touch with the most passionate and enthusiastic golf community? Then you will love to get to know the Golferfeelings community that is extremely active on Instagram with @golferfeelings username. When you become a part of the Golferfeelings community, you become aware of the fact that golf is not just a sport but it’s a lifestyle.

If you are also interested in golf and want to know more about the Golferfeelings community, what are their interests and how do they keep you updated about the latest golf news and memes, you should read these 10 things that you didn’t know about the Golferfeelings community and their interests.

Remember that community is much more than having followers. The community members are very active and involved in designing or sharing posts and videos. Having the community means golf lovers are active in answering through DMs and providing Exclusive services related to golf.

Let’s start.

1. They have the most interesting memes

Once you will become a part of this community, you will get to know that they have the most interesting, amusing, and funniest memes that revolve around golf. Some examples include:

“Good morning to everyone except my husband who at 2 am in the mid dream, sat bolt upright in bed and terrifyingly started shouting in the dark at his imaginary course shot”.

“No one on planet earth knows the weather forecast better than your friends who play golf”.

From the above examples, we can easily say that they are the most fascinating meme makers in the golf niche.

2. Golferfeelings community is always there for comments

Another important factor is that you never get bored because as soon as a certain post is uploaded on the Instagram page, the community actively provides the readers with amusing answers. As a result, the golf lovers keep on getting interesting gossip in the comments.

If you want to know what kind of comments you can find on the posts or videos, we recommend you to go to Golferfeelings Instagram and open community posts. There are more than 200 or 300 comments for every post. They are always very interesting and enhance engagement.

3. Golferfeelings community is not only for golfers

Golferfeelings community is not only for golfers

From the above discussion, you may have assumed that the Golferfeelings community is exclusively designed for golfers. It is!

But if you are a non-golfer, you can still enjoy the interesting and informative sports discussions. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are in touch with the Golferfeelings community but they have never played golf in their life.

If you think that you are not interested in golf, we recommend you to have a look at their page and you will love the content. Moreover, it will also help you in enhancing your overall interest in golf as the posts are fabulous and teach golf in unique ways.

4. Golferfeelings is the most active golf community on social media

If you follow @golferfeelings on Instagram, you’ll understand why it’s one of the most talked-about accounts in the golf social media world… definitely for the greater good. The page is full of good giggle posts that blatantly demonstrate stuff we’re all thinking but either deem inappropriate or just do not know how to uniquely express, always toeing the line and occasionally (and admittedly) crossing it. The mastermind behind the community, who wishes to remain unknown, has grown the account to just under 106k followers and is getting over 1,500 new fans every day.

5. They stick to regular golfing goals

The golfer community is always active in posting attractive visuals. Although the original creators haven’t shown themselves yet, the viewers can enjoy community discussions without the fear of not being answered. The habit of always being on time has made them more popular as compared to other similar communities especially the ones in the golf gaming niche.

The mastermind behind the community knows the need to strike a balance between not posting at all or posting too much content at the same time. It is due to this reason they stick to the consistent posting schedule.

6. No one knows who is the mastermind behind the Golferfeelings community

Everyone is undoubtedly thankful for the sports lovers behind who are successful in establishing a wonderful Instagram community that revolves around golf and amuse the readers in a variety of ways.

It is no secret that without professional photography, no business community can thrive on Instagram. Only golf lovers can understand that the sport information they are getting is latest and up-to-date. Community members are actively available for providing quality services.

7. Golf related questions are instantly answered

The Golferfeelings community is super excited about the latest golf news and even everything related to golf. If you also have any questions that you want to ask about golf, you can rest assured that you will immediately get good answers.

The community members are very active and focus on timely responses.

8. The community love to share the stage

You may be ignorant about this aspect but the fact is that the Instagram community is always curious and willing to share the stage.

Remember that the Golferfeelings community members love when you use #golferfeelings in the discussion and comments so that you can truly belong to the community and show your passion and love. Moreover, the new joiners can also establish a sense of belonging to this community when they use this hashtag.

Another amazing thing that you may not know about the community is that you can also enjoy some coverage by the community members when you feature some of the posts and community members on your Instagram stories using their hashtags.

So we can say that the use of a hashtag can bring more exposure to your Instagram account as well, especially when you keep on using it in your captions, comments and make it a tool to engage the audience and attract them towards golf.


You can understand the professionalism of the Golferfeelings community by looking at their beautiful logo. The two crisscross golf clubs with three balls in between. It simply means that the logo has become an identity of the golf community members and now whenever you want to connect with them, you will look for this unique logo.

So, what is the significance of a logo and why does the Golferfeelings community particularly focus on it? No one knows but till now it has attracted the attention of hundreds of followers, created a positive first impression, and served as the cornerstone of this golf brand identity. Moreover, it is memorable, distinguishes the community from the competition, develops brand loyalty, and is appreciated by the target audience.

10. The community is available for shout-out or promotion

Whether you have your golf club or are an active golf player and looking for an authentic community that can provide you with shoutouts or promotional options, you can rely on the Golfereelings community. Active community members will reply to you within hours whenever you DM them for this purpose.

All of us know that Instagram marketing always makes a difference and when you will expose your brand through active community members, it will immediately attract the attention of the people as it will become reliable.

As the community is very large, the greeting, appreciation, or expression that you will receive will be lasting and play a vital role in improving your overall credibility. Their followership is increasing at a very fast pace due to responsiveness and the provision of interesting information.

Final Verdict

Being a competitor to a large golf community, Golferfeelings have shown their excellence by gathering the most loyal and active community members. All of their photos and videos are original, so the community members are a valuable asset. Now that you know the 10 things that are mentioned you can become a part of the community more confidently as these few points are crucial to enhance brand recognition.

See what they are next up on Instagram @golferfeelings.