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The World of “Leadership Wellness” and One Woman’s Mission to Empower Women Everywhere

Jennifer DiMotta, Chief Uprisor and Founder of the innovative, forward-thinking Uprisors Program are preparing and training women for leadership roles unlike any other program and coaching. Their one-of-a-kind method focuses on health and wellness coaching, business proficiency and courage in general for women that decide to take a more serious control of their lives and their futures. Uprisors specializes in Leadership Wellness for women, which is leadership development paired with a heavy focus on individual health, mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

Uprisors, the only leadership wellness program on the market, was founded by DiMotta in 2018 after spending 25 years leading 1000’s of employees and helping several companies grow to major success. They offer powerful tools used for and meant to help women reach their maximum potential in every facet of their lives. Uprisors is the ultimate package for developing strong leadership skills by focusing on three crucial competencies—health & wellness, financial acumen, and leadership development. Some of the most critical aspects of DiMotta’s methods are the emphasis on motivation, confidence/self-esteem, business rhetoric and the various ways of planning and implementing logical strategies.

Aside from focusing on leadership training and health coaching, Uprisors also pushes people to reach their maximum potential in everything else they do, while also giving them different motivational and uplifting reminders to help keep your head up throughout the days and weeks. Between coaching, personalized goals and comprehensive plans for growth—Uprisors is almost an all-in-one self-help platform. Just take one look at their Instagram page for instance. You will see the professional, organized and sleek presentation on their social media alone makes them appear … well, as professional as they are in their sincere mission to motivate women.

It’s important to point out that DiMotta emphasizes and highlights the importance of not only your general health, but also your mental and physical well-being. She insists that it all needs to stay in the best conditions possible so that you can optimally and confidently communicate, perform and exhibit the characteristics of a leader.

On their website, DiMotta and Uprisors are offering you a free trial guide with some of their top leadership findings and insights into the worlds of health advice, leadership and business. They also offer a free consultation for access to their personalized coaching plans. DiMotta has proven she is genuinely here to help women (and people for that matter) tap into their potential to achieve things they never thought possible. She enjoys watching people grow and reach their goals just as much as she enjoys being the one to empower them. She promotes wellness in every aspect of life and takes pride in her ability to help people realize they need to begin taking the steps to improve their lives, today. No matter how big or how small each step is, it is a step nonetheless. The question to ask is which direction will that step take you?

Developing leadership skills is a good idea for anyone, from things like learning to communicate clearly and practicing active listening, to the simple things such as maintaining a calm, yet positive demeanor—regardless of how intense or stressful a situation may get! Through Uprisors, DiMotta will teach you how to think, act and feel like a true leader. She points out the link between leadership and well-being is to encourage her students to gain autonomy for their own situations. Most importantly, she helps women gain agency and feel like they can take back control of their life if they feel like they’ve lost it.