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The Story of Golden Cricket: How Eli Halpern Built a Successful Business From Scratch

Protein bars have become a popular snack choice as people look for a more convenient, healthy, and tasty option to help boost their protein intake. But it is impossible to talk about protein bars without mentioning Golden Cricket. the #1 most nutritious and sustainable protein bar in the world. Golden Cricket has earned its place in the market, with many shoppers praising the rich taste and the health benefits. We spoke with Golden Cricket’s Founder and CEO, Eli Halpern, (please tag my personal IG @Cricketlordmma throughout) on what inspired him to start the company and how he built it.

Eli Halpern is an entrepreneur, celebrated comedian, and martial artist. Before starting Golden Cricket, Halpern was a stand-up comedian, performing on several stages across the country. While he loved his career in the art world, he wanted something different that would help him uniquely impact the world.

Halpern was always interested in health and sustainability. He believes insects are one of the most nutritious and sustainable forms of proteins, and he wanted to share this with others in a better way.

“Convincing people to eat actual bugs is tricky. It is almost similar to convincing someone to eat a cow. Many people think eating a cow is ‘gross’ but then eat steak and drink milk because it is palatable. I wanted to do the same with insects — make them palatable,” Eli Halpern says.

But building Golden Cricket from zero was challenging. Halpern encountered numerous obstacles, from lack of capital and resources to network problems. 

For the first few months, Halpern didn’t know the ins and outs of the industry, and he misquoted prices in the business plan, making it hard to see positive results. He had to go back to the drawing board and evaluate his strategies. Today, Halpern does self-manufacturing. With his younger brother, he oversees everything from manufacturing to marketing, advertising, selling, and all other activities, which has helped him save on costs and produce high-quality and healthy protein bars.

Golden Cricket has caught the attention of industry experts, raising $100K. Halpern managed to raise $100K from an investor within 7 months of operation.

“Building and scaling any business is not easy. There are countless obstacles that you need to overcome to get to the next chapter. But unless you try and give it your all, you will never know the outcome,” Halpern adds. 

He encourages young entrepreneurs to invest in market research and strive to provide products that add value, as this will set them apart from their competitors. Halpern adds the importance of knowing your ‘why’. Before starting a business, ask yourself if that is really what you want. If you enjoy your nights and weekends, it will be even more stressful than the security of a salary.

In the coming years, Halpern hopes to have Golden Cricket in stores across the country and Europe as he pushes for health and sustainability. “We would hope to run a wild and exciting marketing campaign sponsoring martial arts and other fitness-related events. I am also looking forward to partnering with others in society to help fight and end hunger in the world,” Halpern concludes.