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The Rapid Growth of the Pure Green Franchise

The Pure Green Franchise is rapidly expanding across the United States and will soon have over 100 locations. Pure Green is a nationally recognized brand in over 30 states whose mission is to “build healthier communities around the globe by connecting people with superfoods.”

Their nutrient-rich, cold-brewed juices and smoothies are what they are most known for, but they also offer other options such as their superfood toasts and acai and pitaya bowls. Their products are used in a variety of industries and have found their way to the NBA and NFL.

Apart from providing healthy and delicious superfood combinations, Pure Green is committed to sustainability which is reflected in both their business practices and even the construction of their store.

They use compostable and recyclable products such as recyclable plastic and steel straws. They used “imperfect produce” to prevent waste and have saved more than 1 million pounds of it.

Pure Green seeks to reduce its carbon footprint which includes buying from local farmers which not only helps support the community that they are in but also cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions.

Their stores are built with the goal to have a minimum carbon footprint. As a result, they have renewable energy sources such as solar hot water heating, wind turbines, and pole-mounted Photovoltaic panels in the parking area.

They also have what is called a “Green Roof” which has the capability to re-use rainwater through several techniques such as “bio swales, cisterns, and a graywater system for non-potable water use.”

Another interesting feature is their use of Baltic Birch wood as one of their core materials in the construction of each store. They use Baltic Birch wood due to its abundance and the minimal environmental impact it causes when harvested.

Pure Green has achieved enormous success and was featured as a “Entrepreneur Franchise 500-ranked company.” They were also ranked #108 on Entrepreneur’s 2022 “Top New & Emerging Franchise.”

Their growth can be greatly attributed to their support of new franchise owners. They developed the “Pure Green University” to teach their new franchisees how to best run their business. They also help their franchisees establish their stores.

From picking the perfect location to getting the right permits, and even throughout the entire construction process, the Pure Green Franchise is there to help their franchisees. Unlike other franchises, owning a Pure Green franchise is relatively inexpensive.

Pure Green stores don’t require much space and therefore have lower rent costs. Plus, the Pure Green Wholesale division takes care of all manufacturing needs. As a result, franchises don’t have to pay for expensive manufacturing equipment and the labor costs associated with running the equipment.

It is no wonder why the franchise has seen rapid growth and also hopes to reach over 1,000 franchises within the coming years.

All in all, the Pure Green Franchise has managed to implement a business whose mission and goal is seen in every facet of the store from the employees to the very store itself. Their great franchise support system and product has led to rapid growth throughout the United States.