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The Motivating Success Story Behind Super Lawyer Frederick Penney

Frederick Penney is the founder and managing attorney of Penney and Associates Injury Lawyers, one of the top personal injury law firms in California. He was named as the Northern California Super Lawyer for many years and has verified accounts on both Instagram and Facebook. Frederick is also the host of the nationally syndicated radio show Radio Law Talk, which is carried by over 100 affiliates all over the United States.

Frederick grew up as a small-town country boy, so he had a fair share of experiences living in what some might call humbling circumstances. His parents worked extra hard to make ends-meat, and they taught this same attitude to him as he grew up. His father had a special influence on his life by teaching him to work hard and advising him to avoid complaining as this would not help him at all. He grew up having to work for everything he received and complaining was not tolerated at his boyhood home.  He was taught to work hard and be tough.

Growing up, Frederick carried the valuable lessons he learned from his parents, grandparents and from his own life experiences. He was diligent and constantly reminded himself that he could rely on nobody but himself to become successful. At age 14, Frederick worked at a local farm picking peaches until he was at the age to attend college. Both at school and work, he was conscious to never lose or compromise his integrity and remained passionate about every endeavor as he wanted to become successful in all his future business ventures.

Frederick Penney was trying to juggle college and work.  Frederick’s mother would encounter teachers that used to have Frederick in their classroom, and they seemed astonished that he went to college let alone graduated from one of the top Law Schools in the Country.  It never phased Frederick that people he encountered later in life were astonished of his accomplishments.  Most people thought he would not be successful, but he proved them all wrong when he went to a highly accredited law school and graduated. After graduation, Frederick opened his own personal injury firm in California and began early on to establish himself as a young formidable personal injury trial lawyer. Frederick learned early in his legal career that it would be easy to spend money once he became successful.  However, he employed early in his career to remember and repeat three words, resist, resist, resist.  

As a successful lawyer, for the first ten years Frederick chose to live a simple life and resisted spending his money on lavishness and luxury.  Instead of buying a large house and fancy sports cars like other lawyers, Frederick decided to invest his hard-earned money back into expanding his law firm and creating, investing, or starting other outside business ventures.  Frederick lived in a small tract house with his family and continued to work long hours and create a law firm that would become the envy of lawyers throughout California.  Frederick continued to invest in outside business and real estate ventures that would in some way be able to benefit his law practice.  After a lot of hard work, patience and time, Frederick’s law firm became arguably one of the most successful personal injury firms in California.  He chose to be content with the little things early in his career and remained patient as he trusted the journey of building a law firm and other businesses that would withstand the test of time. 

With Penney and Associates, Frederick Penney has helped thousands of clients fight for justice by obtaining millions in personal injury settlements and judgments. Since the firm’s founding in 1992, Penney and Associates has been instrumental in helping clients fight against giant insurance companies all over the United States. Using the firm’s substantially more than 150 years of combined legal experience, Frederick Penney believes that he and his firm have been able to focus on providing consistent, high quality legal work for his clients.  

Frederick has always maintained that hard work is and will always be the key ingredient for success, coupled with a lot of patience. He adds that every successful person he has ever met looked for opportunities to place themselves in a position to become successful.  Frederick’s journey has been full of ups and downs, but he has now enjoyed the fruits of his perseverance, persistence, and patience.  Will this be enough for Frederick Penney, I think there will be more in the future. 

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