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The Most Comfortable Heels for Weddings You Need ASAP

Ahh, weddings. Who doesn’t love the free food, the all-night dancing, the gorgeous dresses, and—of course—the sweet displays of love? As we head into spring and summer and prep for all the weddings we’ve RSVP’d to, it’s time to discuss something critical to wedding attendance and enjoyment: footwear. For far too long, we have had to choose between sporting a cute pair of heels to finish out our wedding guest or bridesmaid ensemble, or wearing a pair of “practical” flats that leave a bit to be desired in the style department. Since weddings typically have us on our feet for the better part of a Saturday, it’s important to be comfortable. After all, the point of the day is the love of the couple joining their lives, not feeling pinched, blistered, or swollen from uncomfortable shoes.

Enter: VICE VERSA and their comfy convertible heels. These are the best wedding heels because of their ingenious design that marries (no pun intended) form and function. Their high heels for weddings can be quickly converted to flats, so you can go from ceremony chic to dance floor freak! Here’s why everyone in the bridal party and on the guest list should be wearing VICE VERSA’s comfortable wedding heels.

One Pair of Heels for Weddings of All Types

One of the key tenants of building a sustainable wardrobe filled with high-quality pieces is that you should always opt for clothing and footwear that serves your needs and can be re-worn numerous times. VICE VERSA has a collection of formal convertible high heels that are perfect for this, especially if you find yourself with a full calendar of weddings for the season. Because these shoes can be converted from high heels directly into flats, they make choosing the best heels for weddings a snap. For indoor weddings or weddings on solid ground, wear the VICE VERSA shoes as heels. For beach or garden weddings where you’d rather not sink into the ground, fold them into flats and stay worry-free.

So Many Heel Styles Means Versatility

VICE VERSA’s designs leave everyone in mind. You’re sure to find comfortable wedding heels that match both your unique style and the dress code of the wedding. For an intimate or more casual summer wedding, opt for the trendy Scrunchie Mule. Or, for a more formal affair, you can’t go wrong with the Disco Slingback or the Shimmer Heel. No matter which VICE VERSA pair you pick up, you’ll be able to adapt it to the wedding you’re attending.

Convert Your Heels into Flats & Be the Guest to Impress

Wearing a pair of VICE VERSA convertible luxury heels isn’t only about your personal style and comfort, but they also make you into the perfect wedding guest or bridesmaid. Your newlywed loved ones will love if you can stay on your feet all day to help with day-of chaos, and they’ll be thankful if you can get people moving on the dance floor. These essential wedding duties require you to feel comfortable on your feet, so it’s best to choose a pair of VICE VERSA’s comfortable, convertible heels as your wedding shoes of choice.