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The LA Fashion Boutique Bringing its Luxury Contemporary Classic Comfort to Shoppers All Around the World

Established in 2012 THE GEOM was a popular LA boutique that took the bold step of relaunching online in 2021. With a focus on comfort and style, the brand’s sought after LA minimalist womenswear is now available for shoppers all across the US and around the world.

Founded by Iris. W, THE GEOM is a new luxury online boutique specialising in minimalist, classic LA style womenswear. Inspired by the geometry of design, every piece is a wearable work of art with special attention paid to the lines, silhouettes, proportions and compositions.

With a diverse team of international designers and knitwear specialists, THE GEOM creates and manufactures unique styles. Central to their unified vision is the idea of contemporary classic comfort. Post pandemic luxury clothing no longer means heavy embellishments or hidden corsetry. Luxury fashion means different things at different times and in 2021, consumers are demanding more physical, tactile comfort from their luxury clothing. Modern women demand clothes that look beautiful and feel comfortable. Items must be a fusion of athleisure and high-fashion to meet the changing needs of the new era. This philosophy has long been the cornerstone of THE GEOM and the guiding design principle behind most of their pieces. Rejecting fast fashion, fleeting trends and disposable clothing, THE GEOM exclusively produces pieces that are timeless and versatile. These classic looks are made with care and attention so they last longer, feel more comfortable and do less harm to the planet.

For the comfort of their customers and the wellbeing of the planet, THE GEOM use organic cotton and quality certified recycled materials to minimise their environmental impact. Sustainability works best in partnership with close ethical oversight. As such, THE GEOM are proud to actively audit their entire supply chain to ensure fair wages, safe labor conditions and reasonable working hours for all workers.

Founded originally as a brick and mortar boutique in LA, the shift online has allowed more consumers to access the quality and comfort that is a hallmark of the brand. The real-world store also granted Iris. W, the head of design, the opportunity to learn directly from her own customers what they wanted and needed in an outfit. Stocking every essential for every occasion the online store includes outerwear, dresses, skirts, tops, pants and shorts, all designed to complement each other and elevate any outfit.

To find out more about THE GEOM’s unique approach to fashion and the sustainably made pieces visit