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The First Ever Clubhouse Wedding? #1 Mindset Coach Natasha Grano Meets World Record Traveler Michael Graziano

With the rise of Technology, some fields are on the rise. From traditional digital marketing, we are now shifting towards advanced PR. Today Brands and top entrepreneurs and ll prefer good PR over digital marketing. Other than PR, other fields which are on the rise are motivational speakers, Authors, coaches.

We came across two different people with similar thoughts. One is the founder of a top PR agency named Mindful Media, Michael Graziano The second personality on our list is Top Selling Author, Coach and Motivational Speaker Under 40 Natasha Grano.

Today generally, we talk about entrepreneurs, big brands, and all. But we don’t know who is the main force behind them. Most of the brands today getting success are due to Good digital marketing and PR. Publishing good content on various sites helps brands build more trust. In the last few years, Michael, who is into PR, says his agency work has doubled, and today everyone needs good PR for brands online reputation.

Similar to PR are Motivational speakers, Authors, and coaches are also helping entrepreneurs boost their confidence. Natasha Grano, a renowned Author, Coach and motivational speaker, says today she meets with many youngsters who need her help in their life professionally and personally. The work of coaches and speakers is not easy. They have to lift entrepreneurs’ confidence who are down and out in their careers.

The role of Michael and Natasha Grano is equally valuable for society. We live in the digital era where PR plays a vital role in the growth of any company. Coaching and personal guidance for a career are also very important, especially for young ones who are stuck in their careers in one place.

Both help brands and individuals professionally. To know more about top PR expert and founder of the best PR agency Mindful Media Michael Graziano, and Top Author, Speaker and Coach Natasha Grano, you can visit their website and IG profiles.