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The Evolution of Business Networking: Scott Cundill and My Most Trusted Network

Scott Cundill’s journey is a unique blend of martial arts discipline and entrepreneurial spirit. As a two-time bronze medalist in martial arts, Cundill has ingeniously applied the principles learned in his Kung Fu training to the business world. His experience, marked by a profound connection with his Chinese teacher, despite a language barrier, underpins his approach to business. The values of perseverance, driving home the basics, and human connection, integral to martial arts, have become the foundation of his business philosophy.

In 1996, Cundill embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, leading to the establishment of a CRM company in 2000. His insights into customer relationship management, combined with his martial arts background, culminated in the birth of My Most Trusted Network. This venture, developed in a bath four years ago, was born out of a perception that platforms like LinkedIn had moved on from genuine, human-centric networking to becoming a less human, more automated, and sales-driven platform. My Most Trusted Network emerged as a counter-narrative, offering a more intimate, reliable, and authentic networking experience.

At its core, My Most Trusted Network is a platform for authentic and approachable professional connections, setting itself apart from larger networks through its emphasis on quality over quantity. It works on the principle of “if you and I trust each other, then your trusted network becomes visible to my trusted network.”

For example, searching for attorneys in Boston might yield thousands on LinkedIn but only a few on My Most Trusted Network. Yet, these few are thoroughly vetted, genuine, and accessible through warm introductions. This philosophy of authenticity is further enhanced by a unique feature, the “trust-o-meter,” which gamifies the process of building and maintaining trust within the network.

The company’s growth trajectory is impressive, with a tech product that includes a Chrome extension facilitating easy introductions. Their database boasts 26,000 legitimate entries, growing at a rate of 50 per day. This technological skill, combined with a commitment to remain a “quiet brand,” has allowed My Most Trusted Network to focus on providing value through its platform rather than indulging in the glitz of branding. They already provide the referral and introduction technical backbone to 30 business communities, and they are in discussions with another 50.

The diversity within the team at My Most Trusted Network is a point of pride and a key component of their strategy to support small businesses. This diversity is not only in terms of the team’s background (from South Africa and Kenya to Australia, the UK, and the US) but also in the range of services and support they offer, understanding that every business and business owner’s needs are unique.

The company operates on two tiers – the Premium and the Club Sensational tier, which includes a concierge service. This model allows users to leverage credits for various products and services within the club. The platform’s chief competitive advantage lies in its commitment to ensuring every member is real, approachable, and accessible through warm introductions. This approach addresses a common challenge in professional networking, where many potentially valuable connections remain inaccessible.

Additionally, My Most Trusted Network supports its members’ events and incorporates a personality test feature, fostering deeper, more meaningful connections. Their Chrome Extension, with 170 five-star ratings, is a testament to the platform’s effectiveness and user satisfaction.

My Most Trusted Network is more than just a business networking platform; it’s a community built on the foundational principles of martial arts – trust, authenticity, and human connection. For professionals tired of the impersonal nature of large, snappy social media sites and seeking a more meaningful way to connect, My Most Trusted Network offers a refreshing alternative. Interested individuals are encouraged to explore further by visiting the company’s website at, where they can experience firsthand the transformative power of networking rooted in genuine connections and mutual trust.