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The Ethics of Real Estate: Jason Hughes’ Commitment to Transparency and Integrity

As commercial real estate evolves, it also requires evolving its governing principles. Grasping this fact is Jason Hughes, the CEO and founder of Hughes Marino, who has committed his life to reshaping the face of commercial real estate with his dedication to clients and core values of transparency and integrity.

The Journey of Jason Hughes

Jason Hughes, a renowned name in commercial real estate, has built a reputation for prioritizing clients’ needs over anything else. Under his leadership, Hughes Marino, a prestigious commercial real estate firm, has thrived. His ethical approach extends to all aspects of his business, from tenant representation, strategic planning, and lease restructuring to various other services Hughes Marino offers.

The Hughes Marino Ethos

Hughes Marino’s ethos is deeply rooted in a client-centered approach that is both refreshing and necessary in an industry often dominated by the landlords’ needs. Unlike most real estate firms, Jason Hughes and his team at Hughes Marino are unwavering in their commitment to represent tenants and buyers exclusively.

Hughes Marino came into the market at a time when commercial real estate brokerages worked almost entirely under the thumb of landlords. Seeing the need for significant industry change, Hughes Marino broke away from that standard, pioneering a new tenant representation model focused on advocating for companies that had never been given a fair opportunity at the bargaining table, especially when positioned against sophisticated landlords while negotiating for commercial space.

Decades later, the team at Hughes Marino is known as one of the most respected tenant representation companies in the U.S., a trusted specialist and supporter of helping corporate buyers and tenants in need. One hundred percent family-owned, Hughes offers a full range of services to business owners and corporate real estate professionals across the country and the globe, protecting the interests of clients from start to finish.

The Exclusive Contract Debate

Hughes’ commitment to his clients indicates his stance on exclusive contracts. Jason Hughes believes that a contract should not guarantee excellent service but a broker’s commitment to providing top-notch services. Hughes Marino leads with value, believing that fair compensation will follow.

Stewardship and Core Values

Jason Hughes understands the importance of values and ethics in dealings with clients and the team. Hughes Marino’s core values include delivering excellence in everything they do, always doing the right thing, and proactively communicating with everyone. The company highlights the importance of inclusivity and promoting a fair and diverse working environment.

Stewardship is also high on Jason Hughes’ priority list. He sees businesses and their office workspaces as more than just financial transactions. Hughes Marino sees each client as an opportunity to build and nurture a relationship, offer expert advice and services, and steward them through their real estate journey.

Testimonials and Recognition

Driven by this ethos of transparency and integrity, Hughes Marino has received numerous industry awards and positive testimonials. Clients appreciate the firm’s commitment to their interests and avoiding conflicts of interest.

​With Jason Hughes’s leadership, Hughes Marino continues to shine as an industry leader in commercial real estate services. His commitment to ethics and transparency is more than just a business model; it’s the cornerstone on which Hughes Marino thrives.