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Amalia Kadis

The EDM artist Amalia Kadis releases a new album

A new face in the music industry, singer-songwriter Amalia Kadis is working on her first album!

Amalia Kadis started her career in the EDM music world, and recently she announced on her social media that she is now working on her first album. So, excited! She is realigning the album in September.

Amalia Kadis is one of many artists who’s helped entertain and inspire people throughout the pandemic and this global crisis.

EDM artist Amalia Kadis

“Apparently working from home perfectly fit for songwriters as we need to keep focused on the writing for getting the inspirations”, Amalia says her on her social media.

Having launched her first single ‘Dry Under The Sun’ earlier in 2020, she started her career during a period of uncertainty that would cause massive delays in the work of many artists, and completely thwart the world of live performance.

While not immune the production interruptions caused by COVID, as she mentioned in her interview, Amalia Kadis did not relent when it came to releasing new music. Rather than hold off on her career, she realised that now was the perfect time to release her music and bring a new joy to people, even if her music only provides a temporary distraction in the grand scheme of things.

The dance music lovers who’re following her social media are hotly anticipating the release of her first album in September as she mentioned it on her social media early this week.

Well, good luck for the first album girl.

Amalia Kadis releases a new album

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