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The Bronze Medal of Global Music Award goes to Ali & Mohammad Saeidi

Ali Saeidi and Mohammad Saeidi, Two classical Iranian vocalists, won the bronze medal for the “Youth” track in the Iranian music section of the U.S Global Music Awards.

Hamid Lali composed the track, Amir Hossein Moallem played its Santoor, and Amir Mohseni performed the graphic design.

The twin singers were born on Oct 30, 1981, in the city of Esfahan, Iran. They started their artistic activities with “Tazieh Khani”, a type of Traditional Iranian play performed in open space to commemorate the martyrdom of the third Imam of Shia, Imam Hossein. They worked with Abbas Javaheri, Alaedin Ghasemi, Esmaeil Mohammadi, and other masters in this period.  Later, They learned and practiced Iranian classical singing under the supervision of Maestro Mohammad Ali Kiani Nejad, Maestro Mohammad Taghi Saeidi, and Maestro Fazl-Allah Shahzamani. They Are currently the only twin vocalists of Iranian classical singing.

Ali Saeidi has a bachelor’s degree in Persian literature, and Mohammad earned his diploma in architecture.

The two artists have cooperated with various composers and held concerts inside and outside Iran, including in Germany and Russia (Moskow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire).

The other activities of these two brothers are recording the theme song for the movies “Ghalicheh” (AKA: The rug) and “Poshte Koohhaye Boland” (AKA: Behind the High mountains) directed by Maestro Amrollah Ahmadjou.

They have recently cooperated with Maestro Alexander Rahbari in a “Persian Nightingales” project ordered by the Naxus company.

“Charkhe Gardoun” is the name of a track performed by Mohammad Saeidi and published recently on music platforms.

The Global Music Awards, established in 2011, is a highly distinguished international foundation That aims to introduce independent musicians.