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Technology is the Weapon of the Upcoming Era- says Bilal Junaid:

Technology is evolving every day. Well, if it can be more specific; let’s say that it is evolving every minute, every second, every nano second. If today’s life is to be defined, it is based more on technology. It is not to be blamed anyone; technology indeed makes our life easier and hassle free than anything. India is also taking a step forward to this technology with their movement ‘Digital India’. In fact, the top 10 countries that are fastest in the field of technology goes like Japan, South Korea, China, United States, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Israel, and Switzerland. These countries have technology as fast as the speed of light. 

Bilal Junaid, a citizen of Canada who is a passionate engineer and an investor in the technological world. He worked at a called Series A Accel Venture Capital.  He also funded a start up as a Senior Engineer in San Francisco for about 4 years. Bilal has also started his own fund in the Valley called the Genblock Capital. Genblock Capital deployed over more than $30M USD in various technological companies like the US, Asia, and the EU and is linked with several technology companies around the world. “Software runs the world, I knew that if I wanted to make it big financially, I needed to learn how to code, and then build applications which can be used by millions of people, and eventually scale into my own business.”, Bilal Junaid says.

Bilal believes that freedom is something very important to every person. Everyone should have their freedom, their own world. He wanted to be financially independent and wanted to have his own control over time. This is another reason why he is attracted to technology. It offers a myriad of career choices, including a wide variety which allow one to have a digitally nomadic lifestyle. A huge supporter of this cause, Bilal Junaid was obviously very happy to be in a field which would let him have his share of fun even while he was technically at work.

There is definitely a lot more with which you can learn about Bilal Junaid and his fund Genblock Capital. If you want to take a peek into Bilal Junaid’s personal life and his achievements in the Valley you can follow him on the link given below:


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