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Tanya Parfileva – a successful businesswoman is going to the international level

One of the most popular bloggers in Ukraine, Tatyana Parfilyeva, the winner of the main prize at the National Bloggers Award, is planning to conquer the international market.

1. Hello, Tatiana. Please tell us about yourself? Why did you decide to design clothes? 

Hi! You know, I have always loved beautiful clothes, bags and elegant shoes. I really enjoyed combining things with each other. And I have developed my own style. I create what I would love to wear myself – comfortable and stylish looks, perfect dresses for dates, etc. And all my passion, all my fantasy and my ideas, as well as my personal design vision “so simple, so chic”, I realized into my personal brand “Cher 17”, which is now known all over the country. 

2. Tatiana, you are the owner of a network of fashion stores «Cher’17». Please tell us how many offline-stores do you have?

We have opened three boutiques in the capital and seven in Ukraine. Last summer, a boutique CHER’17 was opened in the SkyMall shopping center in Kiev. And it’s going very well. So, we are not planning to stop here. We are constantly developing and in the very near future, we are going to expand and enter the international level.

3. «Сher’17» is rapidly growing in popularity. It’s already known not only in the country, but also abroad. What’s its concept?

We offer our customers the most up-to-date things at an affordable price. We closely monitor trends and release drop collections. Unlike other mass-markets, we have small collections, but they contain a lot of capsules with the most relevant things. Every line of Cher’17 studio is distinguished by luxurious fabrics and accessories. So, our concept is relevance, quality and reasonable price.

In our stores, you can choose a look for every taste, suitable for every type of figure. And our consultants will glad to help you. We don’t have dissatisfied customers.

4. Tatiana, your summer collection is coming. And everyone is incredibly interested in what awaits us. Will you lift the veil of secrecy?

As always, everything will be at the peak of fashion. We are preparing a lot of capsules in our summer collection, everything that is up-to-date. We use only good fabrics – natural cotton, linen, and you will see the most trendy colors – lilac, all shades of purple, electric, etc. It will be a very bright and stylish collection.

And of course, all sets will be incredibly feminine and elegant. They will be suitable for any woman who wants to feel herself comfortable, stylish and confident. We are always happy when our customers find what they need.

5. Tatiana, tell our audience, what is your goal in developing your brand?

As I told, we are going to expand. We grow every day, and I’m gonna reach for high upon high. My goal is to bring the Ukrainian fashion market to a new level and eventually compete with famous fashion houses. I want to create a Ukrainian fashion house that will be known all over the world.

6. Tatyana, you’ve won the main prize at the National Bloggers Awards. Tell us about your impressions, please.

A few months ago the first annual award ceremony for achievement in the blogosphere National Bloggers Awards  took place in Kyiv. It was established by the leaders of the influence marketing market – Whynot?Enot. I received such an award «The Blogger 2021». You know, it quite competitive – all the participants were very strong. And the jury, by the way, was very serious, it consisted of brand managers of large international companies. This prize means a lot. It once again proves that determination and hard work will help to achieve any goal.