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Tama Leia Arrives to the Awareness Film Festival

Tama Leia gave us a glimpse of her crush-worthy wardrobe on Tuesday night when she arrived at the Awareness Film Festival in Downtown Los Angeles.

She was positively glowing and she strolled in with her friends wearing a long silk pink dress, a stylish fur hand-warmer and Gucci coat.

Tama Leia is often seen supporting art that brings about awareness of various worldly issues. The Awareness Film Festival was founded to do just that — filmmakers from across the globe create films in inform, inspire and educate audiences.

The festival is organized by the non-profit organization, Heal One World.

Tama Leia Arrives to the Awareness Film Festival

When asked about her recent projects Leia gushed over her novel, La Femme de Troy.

“I love creating this novel. It was inspired during the beginning of the Pandemic, so there’s an apocalyptic feeling to it in at the start, but as the story develops there is a very hopeful quality to it. Almost like anything is possible in a world where nothing is certain.  The theme of the story (and the ultimate message), is finding solutions that are the greatest good for the greatest amount of people. I have fallen in love with the characters and the way it is turning out. It’s so much fun to write.”

Leia has mastered the power of creativity in every way. Her novels are extraordinary. I was honored to have a sneak peak of the first chapter!

Her talent for capturing characters is remarkable. Her words echo into your soul and create a lasting effect that makes you think about and live through the lives of the characters.

In addition to her novel Leia is busy preparing for the launch of her clothing line. Her designs are sophisticated and feminine with eye catching trimmings for both casual and dressed up occasions. She likes to create classic pieces that can be paired with jeans for a more relaxed look or dressed up with one of her exquisite ankle length skirts and adorned with her beautiful jewelry pieces for a special night out.

Tama Leia

She created her own signature style embroidery which she puts it on as many pieces of her collection as she can. The words are often in French which is her second language.

“The words are meant to make the person who wears the clothes feel very loved.  I write a lot of poetry so I wanted to channel that feeling into my clothing. It’s like wearing a poem or a love letter.”

Leia’s brand is incredibly exclusive attracting some of the most prestigious customers. Although she has not officially launched her line yet her waiting list is growing by the day.

For a sneak peak of her line you can visit her website:

  • Twitter: @tamaleia
  • IG: @tama.leia
  • IG @tamaleialuxe