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Superstar, Dark Joseph Ravine Writes Anti-Bullying Book with a Powerful Meaning

Bullying has grown and advanced more in recent years. Of course, we could blame the increase of bullying on technological developments, especially social media. However, bullying at school is just as serious as it was 20 years ago, if not worse. Every day, kids are forced to face their bullies at school, and the effects will linger throughout their lives. As a result, it’s become critical for parents and school administrators to come together to solve the problem. While that can’t happen overnight, superstar, Dark Joseph Ravine has found a great place to start.

In 2017, Joseph found major success when he won a Guinness World Record. He had the longest line of accumulated redemption arcade tickets This was, of course, a major feat. His life seemingly changed overnight for the better, but with great power comes great responsibility. Since then, Joseph has had to deal with many “online trolls,” but they don’t stop him. Instead, he uses their harsh words as fuel to do better and succeed even more than he already has.

“I have developed thick skin,” says Joseph. “Whenever someone tries to take what I have or tear me down, I just remember that they’re probably having a bad day. The trolls don’t bother me anymore.”

Still, Joseph recognizes that not everyone is keen on keeping the bullies away. It’s a daunting task, and more people are willing to “mind their business” if it means avoiding getting bullied themselves. Not everyone is meant to rush in and save the day, so Ravine has committed himself to do that. Either way, he knows childhood bullying is an issue that must come to an end.

Therefore, he took it upon himself to write an invigorating children’s book, Watch Out! It’s Nolan. This relatable coming-of-age story features characters getting themselves in magical, serendipitous situations to learn serious life lessons about themselves. While exaggerated, the issues found within the book are akin to issues kids face every day at school in the real world. While they may not always have the magical situations that Nolan does, they will still be able to resonate with his personality and challenges that he is faced with.

Ravine did this with intention, as Watch Out! It’s Nolan is just the first step in a major anti-bullying campaign. Since his brand, Kindness for Success, promotes forward-thinking, positive behavior, it only makes sense that staunch anti-bullying advocacy is his next big endeavor. It’s a hefty task to carry on his shoulders, but he doesn’t mind. He believes that the children of today, tomorrow, and even yesterday need his support–and Nolan’s. Kids will begin to think of Nolan like he’s a friend or mentor, and they will follow his lead at school. He hopes that his book spreads a message of integrity and anti-bullying.