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Style Inspiration to Match Your Zodiac Sign

Can people tell whether you’re a Leo or a Cancer based on the way you dress? It’s totally possible – here are 12 models from each zodiac sign, each with their own distinct style. You might just see yourself in them!

Top 12 Models from each Zodiac Sign


Passionate, confident and driven, Aries ladies don’t play around when it comes to fashion. Their outfits are always practical, but they aren’t afraid to make a bold statement if need be.

Actress and model Kristen Stewart is an Aries who revels in her sporty and down-to-earth style.


Practical and hardworking Taurus ladies are all about classic, high-quality clothing that lasts. Rather than following the latest trends, they’ll pay premium for well-made, classic pieces.

Gigi Hadid shows off the Taurus look with her love for scarves and high necklines.


Gemini’s are known for their quirky, eclectic and bold style. They often possess a dual personality when it comes to fashion, switching between looks depending on their mood!

Model Ria Serebryakova showcases the versatility and youthfulness of Geminis with her eccentric and trendy style.

Ria Serebryakova is a young female model taking the runway world by storm. Having been signed with Silent Models in the United States, TFM in Germany (Berlin) and Monster MGMT in Milan.


Similar to Pisces, Cancers are creative and sensitive, but tend to be more emotionally volatile and sentimental. They love vintage attire or pieces they’ve owned for years – anything that has a story to it. Cancer girls tend to dress according to their mood, whilst ensuring to stick to feminine and traditional items.

Cancerian model and activist Gisele Bündchen is an exemplar of this soft, feminine style.


Leos are headstrong, confident and love attention. Unsurprisingly, they love statement pieces, bold patterns and bright colours.

Cara Delevingne is a prime example of a ‘look-at-me’ Leo model.


Virgos are queens of observation, which means even their most casual outfits exude high attention to detail. They always look sharp, and rarely wear anything too revealing.

Model and fashion designer Nicole Richie is an example of a thoughtful Virgo.


A Libra will show off their sincere, romantic style by always looking their best. They love luxury yet despise gaudiness. They often wear soft shades like ivory, light blue and pink.

Supermodel Candice Swanepoel is a classic Libra known for her subtle yet glamorous looks.


Intuitive, dynamic and social, Scorpios are known for their quietly seductive style. They love rich, intense colours like dark red and purple, and often wear clothes with a hint of sex appeal.

Model and actress Anne Hathaway is a prime example of Scorpio style.


Sagittarius women are laidback, honest and carefree. While they love comfort, they also enjoy playing around with different looks and won’t hesitate to jazz up their basics with a unique piece.

Style icon Tyra Banks is a Sagittarius who loves relaxed yet fun looks.


Practical yet elegant, Capricorns tend to wear neutral colours and vintage-inspired outfits. They’re not a fan of fast fashion.

Model and actress Kate Bosworth is a classic Capricorn known for her sophisticated style.


Aquarius women are independent free-thinkers who show off their eccentric style with trendsetting new looks. They love shades of blue, and anything bright!

Dutch model Doutzen Kroes shows off this quirky zodiac sign.


Pisces girls are dreamers, the sensitive ones who yearn for world peace. Creative, romantic and kind, they often wear loose, feminine, flowing outfits and artsy accessories.

Claire Michelle (aka @Plantifulsoul) is an iconic Pisces who channels her dreamy nature into her feminine, hippy style.