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The Story behind former French Basketball prospect the Momar Sakanoko, world’s top talent agent & founder of Be Great company

Momar Sakanoko is the world-famous and renowned French Senegalese professional basketball player. He is not only a famous basketball player but also a motivational speaker, actor, author, and entrepreneur. He has successfully become a youth icon; he is truly an inspiration for many people.

He also happens to be the owner of the Be Great Company. Momar Sakanoko was inspired by his elder sister, who was a fantastic professional basketball player. Momar Sakanoko is young to have attained such great fame and status on the basketball field. He was born on 27 May 1998. He is 22 years old. But his hard work mentality bragged him the success that he owns today.

Early Life of the Momar Sakanoko

In his early life, he played basketball along with his sister. He also joined a great many clubs. He practiced basketball in his leisure time and availed of great experience to show on the basketball court. He joined many clubs such as Metropolitan 92 and Union Elite. He also played basketball for the Wesley Christian School, which is a well-reputed sports institute in Allen Kentucky. He also played basketball for his Wesley Christian while he was in high school. In fact, his high school career was dominated by Wesley Christian Basketball games.

Momar migrated to the United States of American at the age of 15. When he turned 18 he had graduated from the top ranked school, Wesley Christian School. Thereafter, he sought to take the professional route. It was during this time when he agreed to sign the first deal with the Austrian club.

How Did He Perform in His Professional Career?

Momar Sakanoko started his professional career playing for the club for Fürstenfeld panthers in the Austrian Basketball Bundesliga, then played for the club of BC Brno in the Nbl, he then transferred to Estudiantes de Bahía Blanca in Liga Nacional de Básquet Nacional de Básquet where he ended his professional career summer 2019.

Momar Sakanoko began his professional career while he played with the Fürstenfeld panthers. These players belonged to the Austrian Basketball Bundesliga. Later, he also happened to play for the club of BC Brno in the NBL. During his professional career, he rose from one higher rank to another rank. He got transferred Estudiantes de Bahía Blanca in Liga Nacional de Básquet Nacional de Básquet. His popularity rose with every game that Momar Sakanoko played. His love for basketball and passion for victories can be seen in the valor of his performances.

After being transferred to Estudiantes de Bahía Blanca in Liga Nacional de Básquet Nacional de Básquet, he announced his retirement ship at the age of the 22 in summer of 2019.

Bringing Hidden Talent to the Forefront

Though he left the world in the greatest shock after his retirement, he has vowed to perform essential duties. He has vowed to help the youngsters to come forward. Due to lack of exposure, the world is deprived of excellent and super basketball players. Momar Sakanoko, who has seen ups and downs during his early days, is aware of the loopholes in the system.

So, Momar Sakanoko will help the youngsters in brushing up their skills and coming to the forefront. This is how he will realize his aspirations.

Multi-Talented and Diverse Skills of the Momar Sakanoko

If we call Momar Sakanoko a mere footballer, it would be an insult to his diversified skill. He is an excellent author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and actor. He has authored a book, namely “Le chemin du roi ”. This is an Amazon Best-Seller Book. So, he is also a fantastic writer. Momar is one of few young players around the world who had amassed huge love of people. His admiration has strengthened his core character in various ways. Sakanoko has aspired to become a humanitarian after his retirement.

Bottom Line

He shocked his fans utterly with his announcement of the retirement. However, he has remained in contact with

his followers through his Be Great Company initiative. The multi service company offers services to some of the best talent around the world and also works with brands like nike and puma on their development.

Momar Sakanoko also would like to produce knowledge and great guidance to entrepreneurs through his efforts. So, people succeed in this highly competitive world.