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Did Steven Al Baghdadi Continues To Inspire Lives And Deliver Hope Amidst A Global Pandemic

Never before has humanity had the power to be more connected to the world through the means of technology, yet at the same time feel more disconnected, isolated, and lonely than today.  Amidst this global pandemic unlike anyone has ever seen or lived through, strict lockdowns, economic uncertainty, civil unrest, and isolation from loved ones have become the new normal. Many Californians have been put in very unfortunate situations, whether it be closing down their dream business, having to cope with loved ones passing away from COVID-19 alone, or even something as just trying to figure out how they will put food on the table.

These situations have unfortunately led to millions of people feeling desperate, alone, and unheard; and when millions of people feel unheard, it is a recipe for disaster, especially when it pertains to places of faith and worship. With health professionals calling the strict restrictions essential and necessary for the greater good, critics have countered that by blaming what they call “draconian measures” as being responsible for the recent skyrocketing numbers in suicides and homicides especially within our urban areas.

Steven Al Baghdadi doesn’t take for granted the massive influence that he has on social media. Instead, he leverages that influence to host frequent live events on his Instagram and YouTube, With the internet and social media platforms gaining more attention and traffic than ever before, Steven Al Baghdadi has once again seized the moment by meeting people right where they’re at; using his faith, and his music.

Stieven Zara, also known as Steven Al Baghdadi, is the prolific Rapper, Songwriter, Social Media Influencer, and Humanitarian. Steven is famously known for dominating the purpose music airwaves for over the past decade with his faith infused music, along with utilizing his social media platforms to help further advance his cause, which is helping others to better “Love God and Love People.”

Recently, Steven has seen massive spikes in his music being played across streaming platforms, resulting in the rapper’s music to experience a fresh wave of virality, by becoming discovered by a plethora of new fans. Thanks to the almighty power of the algorithms, this has unequivocally resurrected the popularity of not only Steven’s career, but also his timeless hit single ”Al Forga”.

The history of his powerful song “Al Forga” is very unique in the fact that Steven actually released the smash hit well over six years ago; however, still to this day Steven’s loyal fans unanimously consider it his most influential track that he ever made. “There probably isn’t a day that goes by, that I don’t receive a direct message, a comment, or an email from someone sharing how this song has greatly impacted someone’s life that they know,  or a testimony about how this song has greatly impacted their own life.  The countless stories that I recieve on a daily basis is truly mind blowing,” Steven said.

People don’t realize the power of words or the power of music, life and death truly lie in the power of the tongue.  No offense or disrespect, but look at rappers like Tupac and Biggie for example, they spoke a lot about death and sure enough death knocked on their door. I don’t want to be that person that speaks in the same way, but I feel pretty confident in being able to state this, for me, I speak life and choose life.”

Steven Al Baghdadi legendary track “Al Forga,” has not only proven to be one of the most prolific hip-hop songs of all time, but with its new reach and now greater influence, the song has expanded into becoming something more universally known, as an anthem of hope for humanity. With our new socially distanced world, songs of purpose like this have brought forth an immense amount of healing and comfort to millions of people who wrestle with chronic feelings of loneliness in life. As our society struggles to grapple with a spirit of loneliness across the world like it’s never seen before, Steven Al Baghdadi continues to fight the good fight, staying consistent in his faith-based message and seeking out new ways where he can continue to make others feel loved, accepted, and of course, never alone.