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Stephanie Tran

From Figure Skater to Entrepreneur, Stephanie Tran’s Journey to Success

What do teaching and figure skating have in common? Quite a lot, if you ask education entrepreneur Stephanie Tran. The former competitive ice skater, who skated as a teen for the United States Figure Skating Association and Skate Canada, notes that both of her passions require balance, grace, and trust in yourself.

Though Tran’s skating career ended early due to injuries that kept her off the ice, she used the skills the sport taught her to find a new route to fulfillment.

Today, she is the CEO and Founder of Tutor Route’s 6-Figure Tutor Masterclass, a program that she designed to transform low-earning educators into superstars earning great rates as ‘Tutorpreneurs’ in just 30 days.

Worthy Wages

Tran, who discovered her love of education while being a corps member and Title I teacher for Teach For America, noticed that one of the biggest pain points in the industry was that some of the most passionate educators were so focused on their love of imparting knowledge that they failed to focus on their earnings and mental health, leaving many burnt out or stuck in satisfying – but woefully low-earning – jobs.

Seeking to break the cycle of underpaid burnt out teachers, Tran began crafting a program designed to help educators earn more money by launching private tutoring businesses and living a balanced lifestyle, by way of her 6-Figure Tutor Masterclass at Tutor Route.

The Founder and CEO tested out each method she teaches in her own career – and quickly saw her earnings blossom to six figures in six months of putting her advice into practice.

Finding New Footing

While she was still a college student at The University of Texas, Tran was already discovering a love for language and learning. She worked as a transcriber, published a scholarly article in an academic journal and even won a public speaking contest. It appeared that the future entrepreneur was finding her way.

The article she published is still used at the university, and students continue to find value in her thesis on entrepreneurial strategies for selling products to foreign markets despite hurdles such as language barriers and cultural differences.

After graduation, Tran began supplementing her teacher income by tutoring disadvantaged students at low rates after school. Her small business quickly flourished and she found that she was making enough income to be able to afford her dream master’s degree program at the esteemed Johns Hopkins University – and still have enough money left over to spend her summers traveling internationally.

She knew that her business strategies – the ones she had dreamed up for herself – were worthy of being shared with other underpaid educators. And, with her own financial success under her belt, she knew she could prove to interested educators that her system truly worked. This was the moment she launched her masterclass, stating, “You can make a difference in the world, do what you love, and still make money.”

Side Hustle to Self-Starter

To date, Tutor Route has assisted more than 25 tutors in increasing their hourly rates. Graduates of her program earn from $25 to $200 per hour. Tran teaches academic experts in their specialized fields how to market themselves as a high-value service. The fact is, many educators have spent their careers so focused on teaching that they aren’t well-versed in business strategies.

“Teachers seeking my masterclass are usually missing the necessary business fundamentals to make their tutoring business profitable. My students learn how to package and tailor their business to their clients’ needs through branding, operations, financing, consulting, and marketing,” she explained.

Tran is a self-made success and an inspiration to others struggling to pay bills doing what they love and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A savvy hard worker, Tran deeply understands the struggles of her students since she walked the same road in her early career. Today, with her craft mastered, her bank accounts healthy and her market understood, Tran believes that the best thing she can do is to help other teachers reach her earning level – a level she knows they deserve.

“This is a rewarding side hustle. It is totally achievable to make six figures while working as a teacher. Tutor Route will show you how to cash in on changing the world,” she said.

About Stephanie Tran

Stephanie Tran, Edupreneur, Founder, and CEO, mentors educators to become successful Tutorpreneurs with her masterclass by creating, launching, and growing their tutoring businesses. Tutor Route is a team of certified teachers, counselors, consultants, and masterclass instructors serving students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Tutor Route’s goal is to support lifelong learners every step of their journey. For more information about Tran’s 6-Figure Tutor Masterclass, please visit or download the Tutor

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