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Stacey Freeman – Entrepreneur, Educator, and Mom

For many of us, it can be difficult to balance a full-time job and a personal life. But, imagine having two full-time jobs plus two kids. Stacey Freeman is just that person. She not only has a professional career in education, but she also manages a successful blogging and influencing business – while being a mother.

Stacey had always had a passion for many things, namely – education and fashion. She decided to pursue her passion for education on a professional level, s she made her way through college and graduate school to ultimately earn a Ph.D. in educational policy.

She started working as a university administrator and, as of today and after 20 years of working in the educational field, Stacey currently is an Executive Director at UCLA.

However, during that time, Stacey did not give up on her passion for fashion. She was always the go-to person in her friend group for fashion advice, and she was also a professional model with FORD. She wanted to take her love of fashion to the next level. So, in 2013, Stacey started a fashion and lifestyle blog.

She named the blog “Posh in Progress” because she sees her style as ever-changing and she wanted to share practical and chic approaches to living a more stylish life. At first, the blog was more of a creative outlet than a business. But, after three years of posting content every week, she grew a sizable audience and realized the potential for monetization.

So, she started to work with major fashion and lifestyle brands and quickly turned her blog into a full-time business. She went on to expand her business across multiple social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

While two full-time jobs may seem like a lot, Stacey is also the mother of two children. She explains that one of the harder challenges that she has had to overcome is getting over “mom guilt.”

She comments: “A lot of moms feel like we’re failing if our kids’ childhoods aren’t perfect. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to ‘do it all.’ The best advice and how I overcame the mom guilt is to realize that we can have it all, but not all in the same day.”

She goes on to explain: “Some days we’ll have to put work aside for our kids. Some days, we’ll have to focus more on work, and we might have to buy store-bought cupcakes instead of making the Pinterest version we saw because we just don’t have the time to make them from scratch.”

Stacey is passionate about her family which is why she also blogs about family advice and activities as well as fun recipes to try with your children. She also loves to travel with her kids and show them the many joys that the world has to offer.

On top of all that, she is a children’s book author with a recently published book – A Thankful Book for Kids. She has also been featured on KTLA—a television station in Los Angeles.

In the future, she hopes to write more books and continue to pursue her career in education. At the same time, she plans to pursue more opportunities in the TV hosting industry.

All in all, Stacy Freeman has shown that it is possible to “juggle” multiple full-time pursuits while still getting the most out of life. By working hard and making the best of her time, she has become a successful lifestyle blogger while pursuing a full-time career in education.