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Spark Consulting: Courageous Leaders Learn How to Drop the Pretense and Play the New Game

Courtney Green believes in blowing past boundaries and going big. That is why she founded Spark Consulting, an organization she established to help leaders see for themselves the ‘garbage’ – the beliefs that have accumulated over the years – blocking their flow. Flow is the ability to operate from higher intelligence. Green helps leaders get right to the root of the problem, directly addressing and clearing it with ease and speed.

“When you take out the trash or uproot old systems, you empower new perspectives to enter the picture,” said Green. “What was impossible is now totally possible, as you remove barriers to feel the joy, ease, and creative energy of flow. Desired change occurs in unimaginable ways, both in your life and in leadership. Going BIG then becomes a fun game.”

Green has done doctoral work in Leadership Psychology focusing on neuroscience and organizational development. She is a U.S. military veteran, holds a law degree concentrated on conflict resolution, and is certified in mediation. She served as a Medical Service Corps mental health professional in the Air Force and a JAG Corps leader in the Army. Green has also worked for Fortune 200 and Fortune 300 companies in leadership and advisor roles.

Green has a unique perspective. She sees the big picture and what others may not be able to see for themselves. Her vantage point offers a game-changing approach for leaders who find that the old way of ‘muscling through it’ is no longer working. Through her candid, compassionate counseling and coaching, Green addresses the whole leader physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually – since all aspects are equally important. By addressing their whole selves, leaders learn how to operate optimally and in a finely tuned manner. They hum in harmony as balanced beings, creating the change they desire in their lives and organizations.

This leveling up of the individual enables a flow state where leaders feel fun and fulfillment as things show up in their reality that blow their minds and open their hearts. They step fully into their creative power as leaders of the New World. They are game-changers, creating the new template for doing business and leading organizations that uplift people and the planet in alignment with the truth of who they are.

Balance Starts From the Ground Up

‘Feeling into flow’ is a mantra for Green, who believes her approach sets her business apart. The old game is over-efforting and forcing things to happen. That game is ending. The new game that those on the leading-edge are playing requires consistently getting into a flow state. Green teaches how to do that on demand.

To create the conditions for flow to occur on demand a leader must first be grounded, literally. Grounding, sometimes called ‘earthing’, is the free, simple practice of connecting your physical body to the surface of the Earth. This first step rebalances our physical system by neutralizing our stress to allow flow.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, “Emerging scientific research has revealed a surprisingly positive and overlooked environmental factor on health: direct physical contact with the vast supply of electrons on the surface of the Earth. Modern lifestyle separates humans from such contact. The research suggests that this disconnect may be a major contributor to physiological dysfunction and unwellness. Reconnection with the Earth’s electrons has been found to promote intriguing physiological changes and subjective reports of well-being. Earthing (or grounding) refers to the discovery of benefits—including better sleep and reduced pain—from walking barefoot outside or sitting, working, or sleeping indoors connected to conductive systems that transfer the Earth’s electrons from the ground into the body.”

“We have become so disconnected from ourselves, our nature, it is no wonder that we have difficulty connecting with others,” said Green. “Through connecting with the self and the natural world, we can form more satisfying connections with others, including teams, colleagues, and partners.”

To experience this reconnecting with self, nature, and others first-hand, Green leads a three-day intensive outdoor leaders retreat, one of the cornerstones of her program. Participants learn to be more connected with their physical bodies and familiar with the sensations that arise with their emotions.

“Our bodies are vastly intelligent operating systems in constant communication with us,” said Green. “Unfortunately, we have learned to stop listening and ignore the wisdom inherent within us. With this new awareness, you can learn concrete ways to release and integrate emotional experiences that allow healing rather than harmful reactions. As you begin to practice intentional living and leading, you transition from a small, egoic perspective to an expansive, heart-centered powerhouse. The heart guides the head rather than the other way around. Overthinking is seen for what it is – a waste of energy.”

Leading From the Heart

“The old paradigm is slowly crumbling, one that is head-strong,” Green said. “We have learned to lead with cognitive abilities that are roughly 50% of our intelligence capabilities. As you can tell with this old approach, we are relying on a limited, finite resource to make life-altering decisions for ourselves and our organizations. When we leave the heart out, our ego runs the show. However, when we give the heart permission to lead and the brain to follow, we allow our higher intelligence to come through. Herein lies the secret that global game-changers use to powerfully and consciously lead companies forward. An integrated heart-brain operating center. Wisdom and knowledge combined are a force to reckon with!”

Connection to Others

“Like it or not, we all come from the same source, the same divine energy,” Green continued. “We are individual sparks of the divine having our own unique life experiences. When we rise above our learned, limited perspective of separation and equally value all life, we can chill out. We can relax into the idea that we are all playing parts to experience different roles in this lifetime. There is no need to judge. We have played both sides, such as victim and perpetrator.

“Judgment creates separation by categorizing people and events through polarity such as good or bad, right or wrong. When we stop judging others and experiences, we can value them for what they are – learning opportunities. Opportunities to learn what we do and do not want to experience. We can feel compassion for ourselves and each other as we fumble-bumble around trying to figure out how to do this thing called life in a way that feels good.

Green feels that we are all connected to source energy. However, we have been playing out this game of separation to have a unique experience of what it is like to forget our oneness, our connection to all that is. All consciousness cares about is expansion and experiencing itself in new ways. We are each sparks of consciousness here to experience ourselves, our world, in new ways. Those leading our world in new, needed ways are doing so through expanding their consciousness by letting go of old perspectives, exploring new ideas, and challenging old paradigms. They are on the leading-edge, looking out as visionaries and bringing in necessary new ideas to lead organizations forward in the now.

Those courageous, rebellious leaders who want to learn how to play the new game are the game-changers with which Green works.

Working with Spark Consulting

Aside from her outdoor retreats, her program includes one-to-one consulting, counseling, and coaching. She also leads half-day, dynamic workshop sessions.

“Experiencing the Spark process is fun, but no walk in the park. It takes courage to release our resistance,” Green said. “I started Spark to help trailblazing business leaders learn a new way to create what they desire that aligns with their truth. This new way is much easier, more fulfilling, and energizing. It is Flow on Demand.”

In her one-to-one sessions, Green is fully present and attuned to her clients, which allows the necessary space for transformation. It is truly a partnership where the connection is paramount to working through the issues that present themselves, moment by moment. She engages in a similar way of being during retreats and workshops, guiding her clients to recognize what is holding them back and release what is no longer serving them, so they can have fun creating what they want to experience now.

The Process is Simple, Not Easy

According to Green, the process of shifting hearts and minds is simple once you allow yourself to engage with it, even though breaking out of our self-imposed prisons can be scary and uncomfortable. The journey is worth the temporary discomfort of being real and vulnerable. The resulting feeling of freedom is incredible and empowering. In letting go to allow flow, clients can intentionally create the life and work that lights them up.

Dismantling our societal, cultural, and parental conditioning and engaging with our deeply held values allows the whole of who we are – unapologetically – to show up fully and freely. This transformation is a journey of self-discovery to liberate the true self to powerfully create the world you want to live in and lead. It is an experience for learning. You cannot mess it up or get it wrong because it is all part of the journey. It is only life, after all, an experiment. Why not have fun with it?

About Courtney Green

Courtney Green, the Game-Changing Coach for Impact, helps C-level leaders and business professionals easily recognize and remove barriers blocking their ability to step into a powerful state of flow, both professionally and personally. For more information, please visit