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Soheil Bigdeli

Soheil Bigdeli Is Already A Brand In Carpet Weaving Industry

Carpet is considered to be an inseparable part of Iranian culture. In each Iranian house you can see the trace of carpets. In every room you can see a carpet laying on the floor. Beside the usage of carpet as a layer between feet and floor, we use carpet for decorative purposes.

Beautiful carpets give the house a beautiful vision. But despite these things, for Iranians carpet is beyond decoration. Carpet is a work of art; and if the carpet is the art work, the carpetweaver is the artist. We have many famous names in the history of carpet weaving in Iran. But also the new generation of Iranian carpet-weavers have the same verve of art in their heart. One of these artists with a bright future is in “Soheil Bigdeli”.

The carpet weaving is usually hereditable inside carpetweavers and is handed from the father to the son. So the son can follow his father’s path. But Soheil Bigdeli navigated his way to the top of carpet industry all by himself. He was born on September 9, 1979, in Qom. As a young artist he found his way very soon and after less than 10 years, now he is one of the most successful carpet-weavers in Iran.

His creativity and temerity in mixing and making eye catching patterns are the boldest properties of his art. And these numerous skills were fairly rewarded in domestic and international festivals.

To this day, Soheil Bigdeli has received two best carpet awards from the National Carpet Festival in different categories. His two most distinguished works “shaghayegh” and “Zarih” won the best carpet of the year award in 2014 and the best classical carpet of the year award in 2016 respectively. He also won the awards of the best creator in the 6th Golden Knot Festival in 2019 and the 5th Iranian Exquisite Carpet Festival for “Sama” carpet.

He as debutant started his career by weaving small carpets and rugs. Day after day he extended his work and nowadays he is at the top of the carpet industry in Iran. At the beginning he was Inspired by the classical Iranian carpet-weavers and their empiricism. As a result, the foundation of his art is based on originality and calmness of classical Iranian masterpieces.

After these achievements he is now a well-known carpet weaver in Iran. He has opened two boutiques in the most vibrant commercial districts of Tehran. One is located at the Tehran Grand Bazar, and the other at the Palladium Shopping Center. Palladium is known as one of the most luxury shopping centers in Tehran.

He just turned to 43 a few months ago and this is only the beginning of his long career. With his numerous skills and his perseverance, he can be a famous name in the history of carpet weaving art.