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Photo by tiburi via pixabay

So What After Trump-Kim Summit, Republican Vote on the Deal or Not?

The Congress of the United States wants to make sure that they will be the one having the final say on any deal that their president makes with the Korean leader Kim Jong. While Trump was forming a joint statement with the North Korea leader on how the latter would keep his vow of denuclearization, Republicans, on the other hand, said that they expected the White House to provide any final agreement for them to approve.

The decision means that the American administration will have to work extra hard, to sell their agenda pertaining to the contract with the Korean leader.

There are those that feel that what is at stake is not just the term of the deal but could be more than that meaning it is about whether the agreement will outlast this government. There was enrage in the republican congress when the then president, Barrack Obama failed to submit the 2015 Iran nuclear deal as a truce but instead signed law, with the with Democrats giving legislators an opportunity to block the legislation.

That vote did not go beyond the Senate, but the GOP felt that the administration had twisted the political process on its head by avoiding the sixty-seven-vote threshold needed for pacts in the upper chamber.

The current republicans’ hopes that the current president cannot make the same mistake that his predecessor made, but will instead forge a long-lasting accord that the successors cannot rip up during their campaign or ruling like what Trump did in his time.

According to Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (R-Texas), the lesson to gather from all this is that doing things unilaterally or with the executive only, it will not last long, just like the Iran deal.

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), a foremost proponent of compelling Obama to bring the Iran deal as a treaty, settled that “the government should go into that issue arguing that they have got to make an accord. Beneath the insistence of the Republicans that USA president provides the pact with Pyongyang to Congress is cynicism by the majority in the party of Trump about his open show of belief in Kim.

The photo that the two leaders took had already caused concerns about legalizing a propaganda-happy president of North Korea with an abysmal record of human rights. The ascent by the president to end their mutual military practices with South Korea had many in the GOP very wary.

Although the timetable is tight, some of the president’s most reliable associates in the Congress are looking forward to prodding Democrat supporters to support not to undermine the efforts of the president towards diplomacy.