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Sincere Sally and Australian Bryce Monkivitch Rocks the Ecommerce Business World

E-commerce is changing the definition of online business around the world. With thousands of successful entrepreneurs making millions from different e-commerce businesses, it is not only a boost to the economy but also a ray of hope for many aspiring entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities online. Australian e-commerce genius Bryce Monkivitch is one such example that has inspired many entrepreneurs globally.

The young entrepreneur who was born and brought up in Australia had big dreams from a very young age. However, his road to success was not easy. He started his first business venture in 2017 by selling dog hats online through Instagram and Facebook. He managed to get a supplier for the product from Alibaba but the demand for the products tanked within a year and his business came to a halt in 2018. This major setback in his initial venture could not deter his spirit to achieve his goal, rather it taught him some important business lessons that he made sure to follow in his future ventures.

His next venture was selling women’s fashion accessories and garments. From his previous experience, Bryce Monkivitch knew how important it was to increase the visibility of his business on digital platforms. So, he went on to open a store with the e-commerce giant Shopify by investing his hard-earned $5,000 from concrete freelancing work. He understood that business development is all about good networking. Soon, he focused on building a good relationship with his suppliers. He wanted to maintain steady growth for his business.

Within a short period of time, his business started reaching new heights making him one of the most popular entrepreneurs in e-commerce. Today, Bryce Monkivitch owns four women’s fashion brands. Among them, Sincere Sally is the flagship brand that generates more than $1 million in revenue every year. This brand competes with some of the globally renowned women’s fashion brands like Fashion Nova, Nasty Gal, and Princess Polly. Sincere Sally (@sinceresallyboutique) has received a lot of recognition and is considered one of the top women’s fashion brands by fashionistas globally. Hundreds and thousands of followers on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages are a testament to how good the brand is. All of his e-commerce brands sell trendy accessories and fashionable garments for women that include swimwear, sportswear, and casual wear.

Bryce Monkivitch gradually built his e-commerce empire that is now listed among the top 100 fastest growing companies in Australia. Besides four women’s fashion brands, he also owns one male jewelry brand and an online shop on home décor. To scale his business and also help others make money, Bryce Monkivitch created an app. His app is used by him to hire marketing staff from around the world for business development. Through this app, micro workers can earn money and also learn essential marketing skills. The app has 5000 users among which 560 are actively working to promote Bryce’s e-commerce business.

Bryce Monkivitch is an avid traveler. He loves to travel the world to experience new places and also to meet new suppliers. For the last four years, he has been traveling to various countries to grow his business. This includes China for visiting good suppliers, the Philippines for building his team, and the U.S for business networking.

The renowned Forbes publication featured Bryce Monkivitch for his explosive e-commerce success. Bryce wants to improve his e-commerce business in the future and help many more people earn a living while improving their skills.