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Sherry Battle

Sherry Battle is Building a Dream Team and, as an Entrepreneur, You Should Care

Sherry Battle, an expert investor, a self-made millionaire and CEO of Entrepreneur Dream Team, is on a mission to help create 100 millionaires this year and has already helped four people reach that financial milestone. She guides entrepreneurs to emphasize on generational wealth, via her new coaching program, which sets them up for success.

Battle is passionate about helping others grow, build and sustain generational wealth, while sharing her story along the way. Her Facebook group, A Million on Her Own Terms, allows the ‘boss lady’ to stress the importance of saving money versus blowing it all, especially for the younger generations who are living paycheck to paycheck and have no readily-available funds.

“I think the younger generations are motivated because they are so animated, and very sharp. Please know there are some exceptions to this description, but I have found so many people today have this pattern of showing off,” she stated. “Presentation and spending money to show off seems more important to them than saving and making those numbers. They want the clout. But clout is not wealth.”

Finding excitement and joy in helping professionals, businessowners and fellow entrepreneurs achieve financial freedom and literacy, Battle made her first $1 million at the age of 29.

Let’s backup a few years, however. At 27 years old, she actually founded her first company, a modeling agency. While recruiting photographers to join the team, she realized a trend among their applications of which she could not ignore. Those vying for a spot on the team were actually submitting photos of low-quality.

“People who were trying to get the photographer job at my agency weren’t competitive. The photos weren’t good at all. It wasn’t two or three — it was every single submission,” Battle mused. “That helped me realize that I was different. It dawned on me that my peers were not moving the same speed I was going.”

As a competitive person and hardworking individual, Battle could not get on board with this type of behavior. She believes in going after what you want, but putting your best foot forward.

These are the types of irregularities in professional development which Battle is trying to help younger generations avoid. It is only through hard work and dedication that one can achieve their first $1 million.

Coach Sherry Battle

Whether through Battle’s coaching program or on her A Million on Her Own Terms Facebook group, she is always seeking to help budding businessowners level up, but with an unrivaled passion for helping them get to seven-figure statuses.

As part of her four-week course, professionals garner the proper skills and alter their mindset in joining the ‘Dream Team’. Battle and Co. teach students how to create, scale and build proper investments, whether in real estate or stock market.

“When I think back to earning my first $1 million when I was 29 years old, I remember having mixed feelings,” said Battle. “It felt good and bad, because it came with tax baggage. So, I devoted hours to learning from my accountant and, 30 years later, I’ve utilized a specific strategy to maximize my money, over and over again. It’s why I have devoted myself to helping others.”

Services include mentor calls, private event invites, networking opportunities and even upgrades like, social media marketing tutoring, marketing and foundation blueprints and credit repair.

Battle continues to rack up merits in the ‘building millionaires’ department and is showing no signs of slowing down.

About Sherry Battle

Sherry Battle, CEO of Entrepreneur Dream Team, is a self-made millionaire and expert investor. Her program teaches people of all backgrounds to make their first million dollars. To join her program and learn how to make your first million, please go to