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Shaun Milli Releases the Hot New Single “Love Me”

If you like Hip-hop and R&B music, I recommend you check out Shaun Milli’s latest track. The song is called “Love Me,” and you can listen to it and see the official music video on YouTube here:

The song begins with a lovely keyboard opening, and as soon as Shaun Milli says, “I ain’t got that much time left,” it’s evident that this man was destined to sing. His voice has a tremendous intensity, yet it is also quite simple to listen to and not overbearing.

He effortlessly hits the higher notes as well, as heard in the opening stanza when he sings, “I think it’s better if I walk to the left.” As soon as the chorus begins and he says “Love me,” it is evident that this musician has created a timeless piece of art that elevates him far beyond most other artists in today’s music business.

This man has spent most of his life singing, and I hope the world is ready for such a wonderful singer and lyricist!

The keyboard melody is very smooth, the percussion and bass wonderfully match Shaun’s voice, and the electric guitar gives even more depth to the entire tune. The mixing and mastering are also superb.

Roy Made It produced this music (who just produced Yk Osiris’s new single, Be, My Girl, with Polow Da Don). In a world filled with harmful and shallow music,

Every day, a genuine song like this gets released, which is pleasant to hear. Not only is the song fantastic on its own, but it also has an official music video that perfectly matches the music (see above).

It’s fantastic to see a video and music like this that is old-school and takes it back to a period when a man is truly trying to win over a lady by pleasing her rather than treating her like trash and degrading her. Shaun Milli has a sense of flair and sophistication that most musicians can only dream about.

This musician can take the listener on a journey you didn’t even realize you needed! I believe it’s just a matter of time until more people start listening to Shaun Milli, and he replaces some other musicians that also go by the name Shaun. For all these reasons, I can only propose that you do yourself a favour and listen to Shaun Milli’s brand-new single “Love Me” and follow him on Social Media! Here are the official links: