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Serial entrepreneur Jamil Abiad is devoted to helping youth on and off the court through his businesses

Jamil Abiad is a serial entrepreneur with many programs on the go. He is a global basketball trainer and coach who has played both at the college and professional level. During his time overseas, he started his first business ‘Next Level Media’, which was dedicated to helping athletes gain exposure and be seen by coaches. Soon after competing professionally, Jamil Abiad has taken his passion for the game and translated it into several other successful businesses.

During the course of Jamil’s playing career, he developed a lot of skills, which he says has translated over into his daily life. Learning time-management, self-discipline, leadership, and how to overcome adversity are just a few of them.

Currently, Jamil Abiad divides his time between a variety of different commitments.

Jamil Abiad

Through his business NL Fitness, Jamil provides a mix of 1 on 1, group, camps and team basketball training where his specialized approach brings out the best in aspiring athletes. A unique aspect of NL Fitness is that Jamil provides film breakdowns where players can train in the mental aspect of basketball, watching footage of themselves playing to analyze it for mistakes which has a positive impact on their growth.


Jamil is also the head coach for Team Believe, a competitive boys basketball program in Ottawa which he created last year. This competitive basketball program was created to help the boys reach their potential not only on the court but in all aspects of their life. Split into a U17 and U19 roster, Jamil has a big vision for his program to eventually grow and add multiple age groups. He wants each player to be in an environment that forces them to grow, is challenging, and helps them reach their potential. He has structured the program to have dedicated and responsible staff that also help the young boys. With the use of athletic trainers, sports psychologists, a nutritionist and an academic advisor, Jamil wants the boys to be prepared when they get to that next level.

As the years have gone on Jamil’s first business Next Level Media has taken off and grown in different areas. From initially helping and catering to just athletes, he has expanded and is now covering all sorts of media-related inquiries.

The Story Behind Next Level Media

Jamil Abiad’s success both as a basketball player and as an entrepreneur is nothing short of inspiring, and the next generation of Canadian basketball players are lucky to have his expertise. As Canada’s basketball scene is still growing rapidly, we’re eager to see the impact Jamil’s mix of training and mentorship services will have.