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Photo by Counselling via pixabay

Separation of Families Seeking Asylum Raises Concern with GOP Senators

While the issue of immigration continues to bring mixed reactions, two senators have come out to demand information from the Trump administration on the separation of the families of the unauthorized migrants.

In a letter addressed to Homeland Security Secretary by GOP Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Jeff Flake of Arizona seek to understand whether there is a separation of families for the people that seek asylum in the United States. Additionally, there are attempts to understanding how separation could be happening to the families of those seeking refuge. Does the government contribute to the problem? As such, this letter can be termed as one of the strongest push backs that the current regime has received from congressional Republicans for its policy.

The government through Secretary Nielsen has maintained its stance that there will be no separation of families of those illegal immigrants seeking refuge in the country. She went ahead to propose that those people (children and adults)that wished to enter the United States and presented themselves to the ports requesting asylum will not be separated. However, despite the efforts and promise by Nielsen, there are reports from several media houses indicating that the authority is disregarding her testimony and continuing with the inhumane act of separating children from their parents the moment they present themselves to the port seeking the asylum. Such behavior and reports raise the alarm among those seeking justice for the immigrants.

For instance, Flake and Collins have given an account of how a Congolese woman was separated from her daughter for several months in California and another case where a Honduran who was seeking asylum from the government was being separated from her child in Texas.

In their letter, GOP Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and Jeff Flake press for the legal theory on splitting families that come looking for refuge in the country. However, even though trump administration has endorsed a policy that allows for family separations, the president himself has diverted the blame to congressional Democrats arguing that they are not willing to work on reforms on the immigration issue.

The two senators wanted to have a breakdown of DHS processes for refuge seekers, whether mothers are given explanations on the welfare of their children” during any separation and also to explain whether  DHS staffs have training and skills to help them make separation procedure less traumatic to both the parents and their kids. Further, Flake added a statement to accompany the release of the letter in which he said that it is essential not to separate the families especially when neither the parents nor their children have not committed any offense or done anything contrary to the law.

Further concerns were expressed by House Speaker Paul Ryan who said that “we don’t want kids to be separated from their parents” last week.