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Self-Storage is a Key Point of Interest Among Accredited Investors, Thanks to Cedar Creek Capital and AJ Osborne. Here’s Why

Investors, young and old, seasoned and new, are flocking to the self-storage investment space. The investment guru and influencer AJ Osborne, along with the team at Cedar Creek Capital, are paving the way for them to generate passive and long-term revenue.

Accredited investors appreciate the truly hands-off, low risk approach to investing in self-storage, along with its high-reward predictability. To put it frankly, the sector’s assets are booming and those who are investing in the space are reaping the benefits.

Trust in self-storage investing was established in 2008. In fact, it has served as the best-performing investment asset within the last 26 years, because of its capability of high-profit investing. Prior to the self-storage investing awakening, it was not institutionalized as it had never navigated a long-term debt cycle, as well as it wasn’t available for third-party managing. Additionally, larger banks and stock exchanges could not properly model it based on economic credit contractions, while investors could not find a common ground to generate funds toward it.

Since 2008, the investments in self-storage have skyrocketed and continue to ascend.

“Self storage is one of the most misunderstood assets in the world, primarily because it’s the newest commercial real estate asset,” said Osborne. “People are really interested in this asset class, particularly young people. It can be truly hands-off and has high cash flow.”

Leading the Charge in Self-Storage Investing

Osborne, as the CEO of Cedar Creek Capital, as well as the face for self-storage investing, is creating a movement. He sports a high-performing YouTube channel, hosts the top self-storage podcast, has written numerous bestselling books, like Growing Wealth in Storage, and is an Instagram influencer.

Cedar Creek Capital is the engine, but Osborne is behind the wheel.

The engine attracts accredited investors to the newest commercial real estate asset in a rather unorthodox and unconventional way, it assumes all the risk and responsibility with each associated investment. This ensures investors that their money is going toward an asset that has the potential for substantial long-term returns.

For accredited investors who are seeking merely to generate passive income, and do not otherwise have the time to contribute themselves, Cedar Creek Capital is providing a solution. It will lay the groundwork and build the foundation for their sound investments so that the client can sit back and enjoy the returns on their investment.

There is safety associated with investing in self-storage, at least for Cedar Creek Capital, which has survived a recession already, and been steadily increasing since 2004. In fact, its investments shined during the Great Recession, which proves it is an asset with staying and lasting power, granted investors have the right people handling their money.

“That is a huge piece of history that makes us stand out, for sure,” said Osborne. “Most people in self-storage did not make it through that tough period, but we did. We know what it takes to provide sustainability in our facilities and products.”

With a portfolio in the excess of $300 million, Cedar Creek Capital is the driving force behind investing in self-storage. Utilizing its unique ‘BIRD’ investment model, it takes on all under-performing assets, increases rate management revenue, enhances the proprietary operations and technology, lowers the risk of financing into non-recourse loans investments and then repeats the cycle, generating recurring revenue.

Self-storage real estate asset investments are on the rise and this sector has proven its ability to provide passive income as well as create wealth and long-term income for investors.

About AJ Osborne

AJ Osborne, CEO of Cedar Creek Capital, is the leading expert and voice in the self-storage industry with the No. 1 bestselling book and top rated and listened to self-storage podcast. He has been featured on top real estate podcasts and is the go-to resource for self-storage investment advice across social media platforms, including YouTube. Accredited investors can find more information here: