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Saqib Malik – A Serial Entrepreneur And Top Digital Marketing Expert

It is no surprise that a bunch of useful information is easily accessible in today’s times. The accessibility of resources is not a problem anymore. The problem has shifted to ‘taking the right action’. Acting upon the knowledge one has is the ultimate triumph and Saqib Malik aka RSM did just that.

Saqib Malik from an early age sensed that there lies a thin line between knowing something and acting upon what one knows. This is why he took action early on in his life. Today, he is a successful and reputed entrepreneur having a client base in all the seven continents of the world.

Getting into the digital marketing space was no coincidence for RSM. He established his company under the aegis of Prestige Perfections. It has become a world-class service provider in all aspects of Digital Media, be it public relations, social media marketing, talent management, web development, and music production.

Saqib’s dynamic ideas coupled with his self-belief did the magic in his entrepreneurial journey. “‘Our priority is to meet the client’s requirements and strategic objectives at any cost while working on long-term relationship building’, says Saqib Malik.

To date, Saqib Malik has worked with elite brands and artists of the world. Some of the names include Pitbull, Janet Jackson, Empire Distribution, Warner Bros, Think It’s A Game Records and Latium Entertainment.

Maintaining professional relations, seeking the right investors, and speaking the language of the client is the defining edge of RSM and his company, Prestige Perfections.

Saqib Malik is also the Editor-in-Chief of Clout News, a rising online news portal that covers the entertainment and showbiz industry.

While Saqib has certainly blurred the line between knowing something and acting on what you know, his story is an exemplary wake-up call for others who prioritize excuses more than efforts to get up and start acting on the information they have.

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