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Sam Flamont: The Real Estate Expert Who Knows Traverse City Inside and Out

For years, investing in real estate has been an effective way to build wealth and earn passive income. One major factor for investors to consider is the area and its investment potential. An area that is bustling in popularity for real estate investors is Traverse City. This county seat is a beautiful city on the north coast of Michigan, in the heart of one of America’s most scenic regions. With abundant natural beauty and a thriving arts community, it’s no wonder more people are considering investing in real estate there. The appeal of the area is growing, and no one knows the city like Sam Flamont. This established real estate expert knows the city inside and out.

Traverse City is becoming a popular location for real estate investors, but what makes it such an ideal spot? Traverse attracts permanent and seasonal residents from different parts of the world and is a popular destination for backpackers through Michigan. A year-round local, Sam understands each market segment and their specific needs. One of his priorities is to make sure that buyers make informed decisions about their investments and potential benefits. He also provides insightful support through buying or selling.

Sharing his expertise and empowering real estate investors was one of Sam’s goals from the start of his career. Initially, he wanted to buy and sell real estate to create passive income. While he was successful in this endeavor for years, he realized helping others create passive income was key to his own personal success. Sam diversified his efforts, creating relationships and partnerships that contributed to his company’s growth. He later took up property development, and his business took off.

Relationships are the backbone of Sam’s thriving career in the real estate industry. Whether he’s working alongside his team members or clients, he’s always the consummate team player. Sam believes that when one member wins, the entire team wins. As a result, he conducts a thorough vetting of his project partners to ensure his values align with theirs. Once this is established, Sam offers complete transparency to his customers and partners, further cementing his reputation as a dependable expert.

Sam’s latest project is a partnership with multiple teams, including Cornerstone Homes TC, which is a large home builder in Traverse City and Northern Michigan. Together they are developing a 50-unit condo close to the beach and downtown Traverse City. The project has a rooftop patio, 4 community hot tubs, 10-foot ceilings, and a dog run. Better still, it allows short-term rentals, making it the perfect purchase for an investor looking for a seasonal property they can rent out during the rest of the year for passive income.

The condo project is ideal for three types of clients that Sam works with:

  1. An investor looking for returns. Though property rates in Traverse City are cheaper compared to other national markets, the area still has amazing returns on investments.
  2. Second-home buyers. This group comprises vacationers who spend 2-6 weeks in Traverse City during the summer. They can rent their units out during the rest of the year, earning dependable, passive income.
  3. Primary homeowners who love traveling. This group comprises empty nesters and young professionals. With remote work becoming more popular, these groups can enjoy and work from anywhere in the world. Like the second group, they can rent out their units and earn some income when they are away.

As the nature of work and life changes, Sam’s condo project allows his customers to create a home base and enjoy what they love doing. By helping those he serves, Sam is achieving his lifelong purpose of uplifting and empowering others.